Which Industries will get disrupted because of Technology?

The biggest disrupter of business is companies in the Technology Industry. With one swoop, they make entire decades of work defunct. One perfect example is from Clayton Christensen’s book ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’. In this book the author talks about the memory business with relation to computers. This Industry has been so disrupted so often that entire Industries have been wiped out with one single move.

It started off with the Floppy Drive, the typical sizes being 3.5 MM that had a memory capacity of about 15MB. Once this became mainstream, companies started producing bigger and better floppy disks. Manufacturers in turn increased slot sizes in computers to accommodate this increase in size.

Within a few years, this was disrupted by the Compact Disc, that Immediately changed the way files were stored externally. To accommodate this new invention, manufacturers created the drive. Many companies like Moser Baer rid the wave of manufacturing Compact Discs.

The Pen Drive disrupted the Compact Disc Industry. The Pen Drive was disrupted by the Hard Disk.  The Cloud will soon replace the hard disk. In just a matter of 20 years, companies have fallen to the trap of sticking to one piece of technology and hope for its survival. They have failed.

Let’s take a look at some Industries that technology will impact.

1. Transport

This is a no-brainer. Its already happening and driverless vehicles will be a standard in first world countries in about a decade’s time. This will start off with passenger cars and move on to logistics; Trucks, Semi-Trucks and more. Driving will no longer be a skill and the insides of a car will change. It will become more of a moving house. People will literally become more productive, because of more time in their hands. In third world countries, this change will be hard to come by because of the very strong unions.

The beginnings of this are already happening with the Google Driverless car and Tesla’s car that parks itself.

This disruption will become a welcome change because driving in busy cities are not a pleasure anymore. Accidents will come down considerably because it’s not prone to human error, because no self-driving robot will break the signal.

negative impact of technology - tranport

Also, travel time will reduce considerably because of faster cars because of lesser human influence.

The first ten seconds of the video below from the movie iRobot, gives an Idea of a self-driving car that can have a human controlling as well. This is just a recipe for disaster, though.

2. Food

I hate to say this, but the food Industry is going to get disrupted. There may not be a huge change because food is still a pretty social factor for humans, but alternate food will take over pretty fast.

What does alternate food mean?

Meet Soylent.

Soylent is a meal replacement. It’s a powder that you mix with water and drink. The founder of Soylent claims this is the only thing you need to consume, because it has the best properties mixed together into one concoction. Soylent supposedly has all the properties that is required for a normal human to survive and thrive. With soylent, one does not need to consume foods like vegetables, meat and other drinks.

negative impact of technology - food

There is a Motherboard documentary that features Soylent. The reporter survives 30 days just with soylent and talks about his experiences.

Although products like Soylent may not survive, but artificial meat and vegetables will make an entrance.


3. Manufacturing

Manufacturing has already been disrupted, but the next level would be where robots get complete control and oversee the end-to-end production cycle. In the present day, human contact is still required to check the progress of manufacturing. But sooner than later, the products will be verified by a Robot and given a green signal. This means factories can be built in far-off lands where driverless transport will carry all the parts and bring them to the company. Thousands of square kilometres of manufacturing will have very little human contact. The only human contact being the security protecting the premises.

Those were some Industries that we thought will have negative impact of technology, what are your thoughts?

Kishen is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Web Development company called Vanadium. He also has written multiple books on Marketing, Conversion optimization, Facebook marketing and More.


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