WhatsApp voice message and call back feature rolls out for iOS

Last Updated: August 12, 2016

With the latest WhatsApp update for iOS version 2.16.8, now users can quickly leave a voice message if your WhatsApp call isn’t answered. This is similar to voicemail. Voicemail feature was expected since that point in time when WhatsApp calling feature came in WhatsApp. Apart from voice message another significant addition to the giant messaging app is call back feature.

How to leave a Voice Message in WhatsApp?

With the latest WhatsApp update when your call isn’t answered then you will get the below screen and the following three options.

1. Voice Message

2. Call Again

3. Cancel

How to leave a voice message in WhatsApp

These options are self-explanatory and easy to use. To send a Voice message hold the Voice Message button and release it when you’re done recording your message. The voice message will be sent as an audio message in your chat conversation.

How to record voice message in WhatsApp
Hold Voice Message to record

If you want to call the person again then you can select Call Again from the same screen which is simple and quick. As earlier users had to go back to the Calls section or Chat screen to place a call again.

WhatsApp really brings in significant updates frequently. The last update which we posted at TechUntold was of Quote feature which allows users to reply to individual messages in WhatsApp. And now this update has brought about enhancements in WhatsApp calling feature.

What  next? Ah! This is a no brainer. We all are waiting for WhatsApp video calling feature since a long time now and can come any time to surprise all of us. Too many updates already released and much more to come in near future to enhance the messaging experience even more.

Voicemail and Call back feature will soon be available for Android users as well. We will update this section once it gets released officially. Until then iOS users can go ahead and update to the latest WhatsApp version to enjoy new options in WhatsApp calling.


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