WhatsApp video call feature to come soon for Android and iOS

Last Updated: November 15, 2016

WhatsApp is adding new features on a regular basis and now it is reported that WhatsApp will allow video calling soon for iOS and Android. According to one of the reports from Germany, widely used messaging app with over 900 million active users WhatsApp messenger is shortly going to have video call feature. It is also reported that WhatsApp video call feature will first come for iOS and then will be released for Android.

WhatsApp video call Feature

There will be small window on top of video feed where you can see yourself. You can move this window anywhere you like on the screen. Users will also have an option to switch between front and rear camera. Video calling feature will also allow users to mute the microphone.

WhatsApp video call feature iOS Android
WhatsApp video call interface

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Most probably video calling feature for WhatsApp will come in version Current version of WhatsApp for iOS is 2.12.12. It is possible that next WhatsApp update for iOS might have video calling feature.

Additionally, there will be small yet useful design change in next WhatsApp update where users will have multiple tabs for different Chats. With this users can switch between chats without returning back to main screen.

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We are anxiously waiting for WhatsApp video call feature and hopefully it will not keep us waiting for long as was the case with WhatsApp audio calling feature. How many of you want video calling feature in WhatsApp? Will it be useful for you?

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