WhatsApp update now allows Media Storage to be Contact Specific

Get to know about the new features rolled in latest update from WhatsApp for iOS  version 2.12.16. Also, new features to come in WhatsApp for Android mentioned in the article.

It seems “instant messaging” has received a new lease of life with WhatsApp rolling out exclusive features for its Android and the iOS users. Immediately after launching some interesting updates for the Android users, this Facebook-owned messaging Company has released four new updates for the iOS user, earlier this week. According to the owners, the new updates are surely going to enhance the interactive experience of the users.

Among the most interesting features, storing contact-specific media files is surely an innovative approach that will give users a more active control over their phone. The new method of saving media (in the form of image, video, audio and obviously the text files like PDF) not only replace the “all or nothing” approach of the earlier versions, but has also worked up to increase the efficiency of the “instant messaging”. The feature, thus enables you to disable those “disturbing messages” which you used to get from the groups you hardly care.

Thus, according to the new feature, iPhone users now get the option to specifically click on a group name or contact name and instantly save the incoming media right in their image gallery. To deal with the “annoying” forwards, there are options like Default (Off), Always and Never. So, with the new feature, you can streamline the storage without unnecessarily dealing with the clutter.

Along with the media storage, the new updates also include a set of “pull-down” in-app facilities that lets you see the WhatsApp missed calls, messages and other notifications in the app itself, rather than the Recent’s tab. Quite obviously, you get a chance to respond to them easily.

Available in the latest as well as the earlier versions of iPhone, WhatsApp’s brand new features are expected to offer an enhanced experience to its one billion users across the globe. While making an interactive session with your “besties” a perfect fun time, the new features will be a great addition for the business people as well.

For the Android folks too, a new build is spotted recently that enables users to format their text by adding bold or italics style while writing the message. For the “bold”, the users simply need to type the text in between two * (asterisks) symbols and for italics, between two underscore _ symbols. Surprisingly, this feature is not available in the latest update for iOS.

The new Android update, however, gives the provision of sharing PDFs and other files from One Drive and Google Drive, rather than just the internal storage option.

On the whole, new updates released by WhatsApp are innovative in their own way and obviously add a zing to the way you used to interact. Quite obviously, they will be grabbing spotlight in the coming days.


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