Backup videos in WhatsApp and more with new update

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

An update for WhatsApp messenger version 2.12.5 in iOS on August 5th, 2015 now allows users to backup videos in WhatsApp which was not possibile earlier. Apart from that now there is a per chat custom notification feature included using which different ringtone for notification can be assigned to each contact. Previously, custom notifications could only be set for groups in WhatsApp which we mentioned in our earlier article. Moreover, support to mute individual chats is also added which overcomes the earlier drawback in WhatsApp where users could only mute WhatsApp groups.  This article we take you through the newly added features in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp new features

Following new additions are done to WhatsApp Messenger :

  • Custom notifications for individual contacts – earlier possible only for WhatsApp groups
  • Set different call ringtones for each contact – Earlier call ringtones in WhatsApp was changed for all contacts and not for individual contacts
  • Mute Individual Chats – Earlier possible only for WhatsApp groups
  • Include/ Backup videos in WhatsApp data backup – Earlier WhatsApp videos backup could not be taken
WhatsApp update : Backup videos
Now Backup WhatsApp videos
  • Earlier messages now load automatically on scrolling – Previously, the old messages could be seen by clicking on Load Earlier Messages button. Comparison is shown in the image below.
WhatsApp update : ealrier messages loaded automatically
Earlier messages loaded automatically
  • Share contacts from Contacts in iOS Phone app to WhatsApp directly – Earlier, users could share contacts only from WhatsApp. Really a useful addition.
  • Mark chats as unread or read by swiping right on the chat– This feature will prevent you from missing to reply later to an unattended message.
WhatsApp update : mark as unread
Mark As Read/ Unread
  • Minimize data usage used in WhatsApp calls in Settings > Chats and Calls
  • Better support for VoiceOver – Improved quality for voice calls.
  • Improved design for cropping photos and videos.
  • Large Map Thumbnail for location messages

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These were the useful additons to the WhatsApp messenger with this update. We will be going in detail for majority of the newly added WhatsApp features in our coming posts, after which this post will be updated with those article links. Stay tuned! Let us know if you have any queries.


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