5 Best WhatsApp Story Saver Apps For Android Users

Last Updated: August 2, 2018

WhatsApp is one of the many apps which let you share stories for a 24 hour time period. Many a time, we see some really beautiful statuses of our WhatsApp contacts. Those statuses could be a picture, a video, or a GIF. Saving a status which is in the form of a picture is somewhat easy because you can simply take a screenshot of that picture. But you decidedly cannot take screenshots of videos or GIFs. Though you can download WhatsApp stories by using many system intricate workarounds, yet we have to say that an app surely makes the task more simplified and straightforward. Also, because WhatsApp is devotedly concerned regarding its user’s privacy, it does not offer you the feature of downloading the statuses. So for that scenario, a WhatsApp story saver app will come handy for sure. Afterall, whats wrong with downloading an app only a few MBs in size, if it saves the day for you.

Top 5 WhatsApp Story Saver Android Apps

Today we are covering 5 such stunning apps from the Play Store which allow you to download WhatsApp statuses effortlessly. They all, more or less perform the job in a similar manner. Despite that, we have listed these apps based on their interface and other minor characteristics which will greatly influence your experience.

1. Status Downloader (by Panorama Photo Lab)

This is the first app on the list today. This app is easily available in the Play Store at this link. Here is the guide on how to use this app. This will give you an approximate idea of how to use the other apps as well.

  • First of all, open the Status downloader app.
  • After that tap on the “RECENT STORIES” option.

open status downloader app

  • The instructions on how to use the app will appear. Simply tap on “WHATSAPP”, this will direct you to WhatsApp.
  • Now swipe to the STATUS tab and watch the status you want to download.

open whatsapp

  • Now go back to the “Status Downloader” app and you will find the statuses there.
  • Choose the desired status which you want to download simply by pressing the saving icon in front of the statuses on the right side.
  • That is it! Now go back to the homepage and tap on the “SAVED” tab. Here you will find all the saved statuses.

download any desired whatsapp contact

We found the app very easy to use. That’s why we initiated our list with this one.

2. Story Saver for Whatsapp (by mccart)

story saver for whatsapp - mccart

This is another hugely downloaded app. It is easily available in Play Store. Using this wonderful app is sheerly simple. Just tap on the “New Images” or the “New Videos” button. This will open the most recent images or videos. After that, you have to simply press the downloading icon and your story will be saved. If you are not able to see the status, then visit WhatsApp and open the status you want to download.

Link: Play Store

3. Story Saver for Whatsapp (by Khakhee Developers)

Story Saver for Whatsapp by Khakhee Developers

This sober app is another one which can be used to save WhatsApp status on your phone. It gives you the facility to save both video stories and picture stories (like all the other apps on this list). On the welcome page itself, the stories will be arranged on the top of the screen which can be scrolled from left to right and back. It saves the stories in its “SAVED STORIES” folder which can be easily accessed from the homepage of the app.

Link: Play Store

4. Status Story Saver for Whatsapp Free (by Spark Techno Solution)

Status Story Saver for Whatsapp Free

The procedure to save status story is similar to before told steps. After visiting WhatsApp and opening the desired status, you have to open this app. Post that, saving is a cakewalk, you just need to tap on the save icon. This app is free of unnecessary features and cuts straightly to the chase. That is what we sincerely liked about this app.

Link: Play Store

5. Stories Saver for Whatsapp (by Moses Gitau)

Stories Saver for Whatsapp - by Moses Gitau

This app decidedly offers a bit more than the basic features. After opening the app, you can easily view the saved and unsaved stories separately. On tapping the desired story, you can easily save it. Moreover, this app can sort the stories according to the two options of “Newest first” and “Oldest first“. We simply liked this feature. One thing more, you will find the interface of the app to be visually attractive. Tap on the below link to download this app.

Link: Play Store

Now, we are sure that you are pretty clear-minded about using these apps. One more feature which we haven’t covered so far is that you can even share the saved stories easily via these apps. But, we must advise you to do so only after prior permission of the person to whom the status story belongs to originally. This little bit of consideration should be exercised while using these apps.


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