Bug in WhatsApp iOS App : Try yourself

There was a significant update in WhatsApp for iOS after iOS 10 was released a few days back. The latest update introduced support for Siri. Now you can place WhatsApp calls and send messages using Siri. With so many features rolled in at once, it is bound to inject some bugs in the app. And I found one while I was on a WhatsApp call.

whatsapp bug iOS 10

So the defect is like you cannot lock the iPhone screen while you’re on a WhatsApp audio call in iOS 10. On pressing the lock button, the WhatsApp call will get disconnected instead of locking the screen which is horrible and is not the way it should work by any means.

Pressing the lock button during a WhatsApp call doesn’t disconnect it when iPhone is locked already. The issue is observed only when the iPhone is unlocked and you get a WhatsApp call.

On the other hand, it seems to work perfectly for WhatsApp Android version. The screen is locked without any issues during a WhatsApp call.

The bug is not that critical and is experienced on only iOS 10. Having said that, for users like me who have the habit of locking the screen during a call will face a lot of problems. They will end up disconnecting a WhatsApp call which might be really important at times.

I think WhatsApp should fix this bug as soon as possible for its iOS users. Did you experience it? What are your thoughts about the bug? Share it with everyone on WhatsApp so that they are aware of it in advance and can take necessary precautions and not press that lock button during the call.

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  1. I am facing the same bug one month later, it is really annoying since I constantly get whatsapp calls and drains my battery to have the screen live all the time, almost two months have passed and nothing. My main question is, does this fix need to come from whatsapp or Apple?


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