Soon you may be able to take WhatsApp backup on Google Drive

Currently restoring your WhatsApp backup is not that convenient specially for Android users. If you are changing your smartphone frequently then you must be somewhat irritated while doing backup and recovery process of WhatsApp chats. However, WhatsApp may include the feature where you can take WhatsApp backup on Google Drive which will allow users to do backup and recovery of WhatsApp chats with little effort.

Presently, android users take backup on their local storage of device which may be external SD card or inbuilt storage. In order to restore the backup on their new smartphones users have to place the SD CARDWhatsApp folder in SD card of their new device. Not that tough! Agreed but considering continuously evolving innovation in technology it must be simpler than this without user doing anything manually.

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WhatsApp backup on Google Drive will address this as the backup will be stored on Google drive and users can anytime restore the backup from the Drive whenever desired. Users will then won’t have to do anything manually like placing of WhatsApp backup folders in their new device storage.

Note: Backup taken from Android phone can be restored only on other Android device and similarly for iOS, Windows and Blackberry. 

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This feature will mainly be useful for Android, Windows and Blackberry users, as iPhone users take backup on iCloud. So for iPhone users it will be an additional choice rather than a new feature.

This new feature of taking WhatsApp backup on Google Drive if added will be really beneficial for Android, Windows and Blackberry users. Lets see when this new feature will be rolled out in WhatsApp.


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