Walmart and Amazon again in news for Drone Taskforce

FAA or the Federal Aviation Administration is the national aviation authority of the United States of America as an agency of the United States of transportation. FAA has the authority to regulate and oversee all aspects of American Civil Aviation. The agency is alarmed with the increase in the number of ‘drones’ parents are planning to gift their kids this Christmas. Generally speaking, Drones are going to be the next big thing in the industry. Gone are the days when Drones were considered as ultimate luxury it is going on a different scale all together. Therefore, the agency has designed a Drone Taskforce in order to register every drone which will be circulated for usage before the United States airspace is shut by the traffic caused by these million plastic and amazon again in news for drone taskforce

The members of the panel of FAA working on this project have included Drone making companies such as, the Chinese giant DJI, companies working on the drone delivery such as Amazon and Google and retail giants like Walmart, Best Buy, GoPro etc., all entities related with this project on board to simplify the process of registration of drones. FAA is trying to work out a system that can register every drone in accordance to the Standard Federal Law. It is not in their policy to discourage the usage of drones. The budding Drone Industry is on an expansion now and the market looks quite lucrative. Drones vary in sizes and also in terms of their usage. There are those small photo drones from DJI as well as those huge 40 pound delivery drones operated by Amazon’s supercomputer, all roaming around the same space.

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The FAA recently announced that people who will be involved in the task force that is supposed to recommend what requirements drone operators will need to fly their aircraft in U.S. airspace. The task force will meet soon and has the deadline of 20th November will make their recommendations. Walmart, Google and Amazon are working on building and testing drone delivery fleets along with NASA to control traffic system. The panel has also asked people for their recommendations for a better registration system under the wepage called “Clarification of the Applicability of Aircraft Registration Requirements for Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and request for Information regarding Electronic Registration for UAS”.

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One can only imagine the chaos it can cause in future. Mr. David Vos of Google’s Project wing Drone Delivery and also one of the panel member of FAA’s agency working on drones has strongly stated that we need to have the ADS-B version of collision warning system which is primarily used by passenger airlines. On the contrary, the registration might be as simple as associating a name with a serial number when a customer purchases a drone. Hopefully, with the input of so many entities related to the same field, the agency of the FAA will surely reach the most feasible solution related to the drone issue.


  1. Interesting thing about collision and automatic flying drones is that since Google is developing a self-driven car, it might use some of the technology there also for its drones. I think although automatic collision prevention sounds close to impossible today, I think this could really advance fast in next couple of years. So now the drones with cameras will also be equipped with all kinds of sensors and mini-computers in order for Google to test their self-flying drone.
    Whether those projects will become reality truly depends on what regulators will say though. They might dislike the idea or see too many problems with it. And quite frankly if Google flies it’s drones around cities, shoulden’t we be worried about our privacy? I mean it is know that that company had some issues with that in the past.

    Anyhow for the next 5-10 years I still expect that even delivery drones will be mostly piloted manually – they will just simply be drones with cameras. Then the technology might advance and self-flown drone might also become a reality.


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