How to See Someone’s Facebook Stories without Notifying them

Facebook with its recent update, rolled out Facebook Stories feature which is similar to WhatsApp or Instagram Stories which will appear for 24 hours. As soon as the new feature rolls out, users start looking for the tweaks and solutions of the new feature. As in one of my article I have mentioned how you can see anyone’s WhatsApp Status without letting them know, similarly in this article I will tell you how to view someone’s Facebook Story without notifying them.

how to view someones facebook story without notifying them

This tweak works for Android as well as iPhone users. Make sure the minimum app version for Facebook Android app is V & iOS is V 85.0.

How to View Someone’s Facebook Story without Notifying Them

To see anyone’s Facebook Stories you just need to make sure that your Android/iOS Facebook App is updated, having the minimum version mentioned above. Follow the steps to achieve the same.

1) Open Facebook App, at the top you will see the Facebook stories of your friends, this will load the Facebook Stories. Now close the app. Do not tap to see the stories as they will get to know as soon as you view it.

2) Now switch off the internet connection and again open the Facebook App.

3) Next, tap on anyone’s Story appearing at the top and see all their Facebook Stories without them knowing. You can view the story of your Facebook contact as many times as you want, keeping internet connection off.

Note: If the Facebook Story appears blurred means not loaded properly then you need to switch on the internet connection and pull to refresh the app as shown in the picture. It will load the Stories correctly. Do “pull to refresh” 2 to 3 times & again switch off the internet connection to view it.

how to see anyones facebook story without letting them know - pull to refresh

4) After this, close Facebook app and turn on the internet connection. As your aim to view someone’s Facebook Story without letting them know is achieved, to confirm that your Facebook friend is not notified, follow the below step.

5) Open Facebook App again, at the top in stories section you will see your friend’s story with an outer circle colored as blue as shown in the picture. Whoa! Means it is not notified to your friend that you have viewed his/her story.

how to view anyones facebook stories without notifying them - blue coloured

I hope you were easily able to follow the above steps and see anyone’s Facebook Stories without letting them know either on iPhone or on Android. This tweak will not work on PC or for web users because you cannot see the Facebook Stories on Web.


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