How to view Instagram Stories on Web from Computer/PC

Instagram Stories feature was launched last month which allows users to post photos and videos which are removed automatically after 24 hours. You can even post photos and videos in Instagram Stories from Gallery as well. In this tutorial, we will learn how to view Instagram Stories on Web from computer. Currently, if you open Instagram website you will not see any story at the top of your Feed as you get it on the Instagram app. However, following the steps mentioned in this article you will be able to view Stories on Instagram website.

This is another tutorial which will allow you to have a feature on Web which isn’t available directly on Instagram Web but is there on Instagram App. Here a couple of handpicked tutorials which will allow you to use Instagram from PC with additional features.

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Now let us go ahead and look at how to view Stories on Instagram website from Computer/PC.

view instagram stories on web from computer

View Instagram Stories on Web from Computer

To get the Instagram Stories on Web we will make use of a Chrome extensionWe hope that you are using Google Chrome browser on your desktop. In case you do not have it installed, you should get it installed on your PC to proceed further.

Once you have Google Chrome browser on your desktop, follow the steps given below.

1. Add Chrome IG story extension to Chrome browser.

2. After the extension is added successfully, visit Instagram website and log in using your Instagram credentials.

You will be able to see the Instagram Stories of the users you follow at the top of your feed as shown in the image below.

View Instagram Stories on Web from Computer
Stories on Instagram Website

Click on the desired Story to view it. Make use of arrow keys or click on right/left arrow on the photo/video to view different posts within a story.

View Instagram Stories on Instagram Website

Now, the best part of viewing Story on the Instagram website using this plugin is that your Seen is hidden from others Instagram story even though you viewed it. The owner of the Story won’t get to know that you have seen their Story with this method.

This was a quick and easy way to view Instagram Story on Instagram website. Share the tutorial with your friends if you found it helpful.


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