3 Best Video Compressor Apps for WhatsApp

We all know what a joy of video-sharing is! We might send any text message, or image, or any GIF, but the kick which one gets from sharing a video is unmatched. Afterall, videos are superbly capable of expressing our message in the most lucid manner. And we all send videos with WhatsApp. Having said that, the problem arises when the video to be shared is very heavy. It could take too long to get shared. Also, the maximum file size that WhatsApp permits is 16 MB. So, if your video is greater than 16 MB in size, then definitely you need to compress it first and then send it. To tackle these issues associated with sharing large videos, today we have come up with 3 best video compressor apps for WhatsApp, both for Android and iOS.

Top 3 Video Compressor Apps for WhatsApp

1) VideoShow- Video Editor, Video Maker with Music

videoshow- video editor, video maker with music

This is actually a full-fledged video editing app. And compressing is just one of the functions it performs, and how! After you open the app, simply click on the “Compress” option and select the video which you want to compress. Interestingly, you can also trim video simultaneously along with compression. Further, you can select any one option out of the three compression modes which are as 240p, 320p, and 480p.  Select any one option as per as your requirements and the job is done. You can either save the reduced size video to the phone gallery or share it via WhatsApp right away. The app is very simple and snappy and therefore has made a cut to this list.

You can have this app from the Play Store.

Link: Play Store

2) Smart Video Compressor

smart video compressor

This app is available only in the App Store. iOS users can, therefore, take full advantage of this handy app. If you are unable to share large videos on WhatsApp, then this app will come to your rescue. It reduces above 70 to 80 percent while it compresses HD videos! Moreover, it provides options to compress the videos in 720p, VGA, and Low-quality videos. One thing more, this app doesn’t imprint your videos with any annoying watermarks. This is, indeed, a lovable feature!

To tell you further, sharing of compressed videos via WhatsApp with this app is an ultra delightful experience. This app will also be very helpful if you are running short of device storage. So, all you iOS users out there, can readily share large videos with the help of this app without worrying much about WhatsApp video message size limit anymore.

Link: App Store

3) Videos & Movies Compressor

videos & movies compressor

This is another app designed for the task of video compressing for Android users. We have included this app because it provides a massive number of customizing options. And we really mean it!

With the help of “PRESET” option, you can achieve video compression anywhere from 10%, 20%,30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, and 90%. Even if that doesn’t fit your bill! you can customize the compression using a slider option to get the exact size which you want. This is a feature which we have hardly seen in any other app of the same category. Therefore we had to include this one for sure.

Sharing via WhatsApp is also very easy with this app. You can go for any of the compression options depending how much compression your video will need to fit into a size of up to 16 MB.

You can get this app from Play Store.

Link: Play Store


Having provided you all with 3 of the best apps for the purpose of video compression, we think you will now able to make the selection of the most applicable app for you. You can share your experience with us in the comments section below and if you come across any other impressive app for the same, please do mention it.


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