How to send WhatsApp messages using Siri without any issues

One of the significant features introduced in iOS 10 is that Siri has opened up to third party apps. This means that now you can ask Siri to send WhatsApp messages and place calls for you. Similarly, Siri can be used to book Uber Cab and many more tasks related to third party apps. However, in this article, we will focus on how to send WhatsApp messages and place WhatsApp calls using Siri.

send whatsapp messages using siri

WhatsApp quickly took advantage of the Siri third party app support and used it to introduce a useful feature in latest WhatsApp update.

To use Siri to Send WhatsApp messages there are 2 prerequisites.

1. You need to be on iOS 10 or latest.

2. You should have latest WhatsApp version – 2.16.50

Once you have them, proceed further with the steps mentioned below.

Send WhatsApp messages using Siri

Let me tell you it wasn’t so easy to get Siri to work with WhatsApp and I did face a few issues. Fortunately, I resolved them and will share the solution to help you out as well.

Now, even when I had both of them updated on my iPhone 6 I tried sending a WhatsApp message using Siri but I got the following message from Siri – “Sorry you’ll need to continue in the app“.

whatsapp siri issue resolved

If you too are facing the similar issue then uninstall(delete) WhatsApp and then install it again from App Store. Reinstalling WhatsApp resolved the above issue for me and I hope it will for you as well. Finally, I was able to successfully ask Siri to send WhatsApp message.

After reinstalling WhatsApp on iOS 10 proceed with the following steps.

Firstly, WhatsApp needs access to Siri.

1. Go to Settings App and Select Siri

2. Under Siri, tap on App Support

3. Toggle WhatsApp to ON under App Support

Allow WhatsApp to access Siri

Now WhatsApp can use Siri.

Next, Bring up Siri, by long pressing the Home button.

You can make use of Simple queries like I used below to send WhatsApp messages. Here are the 2 queries I used Siri to send WhatsApp message.

Query 1

Ask Siri – “Send WhatsApp message to [Contact Name]

ask siri to Send whatsapp messages

Next Siri will ask you the message content. You can speak the desired message.

Now, Siri will show the preview of WhatsApp message. If everything seems fine, speak Send.

WhatsApp message will be sent!

use siri to send whatsapp message

Query 2

Ask Siri – “Send WhatsApp message

Now of course, in this case, there is an additional query from Siri asking about the name of the contact to send the message.

Speak the Contact name to whom you wish to send the message.

send whatsapp messages using siri

After this process is similar to the above query 1.

Now let’s get to WhatsApp calls.

Use Siri to place WhatsApp calls

If you are reading this section then you should have already updated to latest iOS 10. Also, you have reinstalled WhatsApp as I recommended above to make Siri work with WhatsApp.

Even after allowing WhatsApp to access Siri you are not able to place a WhatsApp call? While placing WhatsApp call using Siri if you are getting the error –

I wish I could but WhatsApp hasn’t set that up with me yet.

use siri to place whatsapp call

Then this is because WhatsApp doesn’t have access to Microphone. To give access you can simply Place a WhatsApp call manually by opening WhatsApp and Allow access to Microphone. Once you allowed access to the microphone you are all set to go.

Now, open Siri. Again you can use queries with multiple variations to place a WhatsApp call. Here are the queries which worked for me.

Query 1 

WhatsApp call” and then speaking the Contact Name when Siri asks.

Query 2

Call [Contact Name] on WhatsApp

WhatsApp call will be placed in a single query.

place whatsapp call using siri

So, these were the ways I could fix the issues to place WhatsApp call and send messages using Siri. We wish that you were able  to use Siri with WhatsApp without any difficulty. If you come across any issue, the comments section is always yours 🙂


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