How To Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On Same PC, Mac Browser

Last Updated: April 21, 2018

In one of our earlier articles, we mentioned how you can use two WhatsApp Accounts on one Android phone. This time around we have come up with a solution for the same but on PC, Mac browser. WhatsApp Web is a service that lets you use your WhatsApp account in a browser on your phone or desktop. WhatsApp also has an app/software for easy access from PC and Mac. We are going to leverage these two to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on same PC or Mac.

Most of us have more than one WhatsApp account for some reason or the other. And whatever that maybe we are here to help you use your accounts at the same time. Here are the easy ways to do so on a computer.

Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On Same PC/Mac

1. Vist WhatsApp Web in Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera browser.

2. Scan the QR code by opening WhatsApp on your phone. After that, go to Settings and select WhatsApp Web/Desktop (iPhone)

use multiple WhatsApp accounts on same pc
WhatsApp Web/Desktop iPhone

or tap on 3 dots and select WhatsApp Web (Android).

WhatsApp Web in Android App
WhatsApp Web Android

Point the phone’s camera on the barcode that is shown on the PC screen.

3. With this, you will be logged into that WhatsApp account of yours on PC browser.

4. To log in to another WhatsApp account in the same browser, you need to open Incognito (Chrome) or Private Window (Other browsers) by clicking on the Menu (3 dots or Hamburger icon) and selecting New Incognito/Private Window.

5. In the new Incognito/Private Window, open WhatsApp Web. You will get the option to scan QR code again. This time you can open WhatsApp on your another phone to log in to the second account on the browser.

6. If you wish to open more than two WhatsApp accounts then you can open more New Private Window but this won’t work in Chrome browser. On other browsers, it will work just fine.

Alternatively, you can open a different browser from the one you used above that is installed on your computer and open WhatsApp Web there. Here too you can make use of the Private Window to open more accounts.

Note: The session for the accounts which you open in Incognito or Private Window won’t be saved. Which means that you will have to scan the barcode and log in to WhatsApp Web every time after you close the active session.

Bonus Tip

If using the browser’s Incognito mode is not working perfectly for you then you can use the WhatsApp software for PC and Mac. You can download it here.

After installation, open it and scan the barcode shown on the app from your WhatsApp account on the smartphone.

So, one WhatsApp Web account on browser’s normal window and another on WhatsApp desktop app. Not to forget that you can use normal browsing mode of other installed browsers to access even more WhatsApp accounts on the same PC or Mac.

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These were different ways you can use multiple WhatsApp account on the same PC or Mac at the same time. Do let us know how these methods work for you. Any suggestion or tips can be shared with us in the comments below.


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