How to use as default instead of Country specific version

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Are you looking to search using from UK, India or any other location? If you are not able to do so then follow this tutorial which will let you know how to use instead of local version from anywhere in the world. Apart from that, you can even force Google Chrome to use as default search engine instead of country-specific version.

Use as default search engine

Use as default Search Engine

As a blogger and an internet marketer, I wanted to use from India to check my post rankings in the US. Therefore, I had to find out ways to open .com version of Google instead of .in. Here are a few ways with which you can access from any location.

Method 1 : Use from any Country

Simplest of ways to use from anywhere is from the Google’s homepage itself. If you haven’t noticed then look at the bottom right corner on the Google Homepage. Click on Use and .com version will be opened irrespective of your location.

use google com from any location

This is as simple as it can get.

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Method 2 : Google NCR URL

Bookmark the following URL – and use the URL whenever you desire to use Or you can even open it once. After that every time you open version it will not be redirected to Google’s country-specific version.

If you are wondering what is NCR. It stands for No Country Redirect.

The above methods are simple and easy but there is a lot of manual effort every time you wish to use Why not make as default search engine on Chrome browser? Here’s how.

Method 3 : Make as Default Search Engine on Google Chrome

In order to search by default using when typing a query in Chrome address bar follow the steps below.

1. Open Chrome Settings by simply pasting – chrome://settings/ in the address bar and pressing Enter.

2. Under Settings, Click on Manage search engines… under Search.

use as default search engine

3. Scroll down in the new window that appears. At the bottom, there are input fields to add new Search Engine. Enter the desired name to the Search Engine preferably for easy identification and avoiding confusion in the “Add a new Search Engine” field.

4. In Keyword field enter “Google NCR_

5. Now in URL field enter the following –

force chrome to use google com instead of country specific version

6. Click on Done. Click on Manage Search engines… once again. Scroll down and hover on the above-added Search Engine.

7. Click on Make Default and finally Done.

make google com default search engine

Next time when you type any query in Chrome address bar it will search using instead of your location-specific version of Google.

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We hope that these methods helped you to use as default from any location. Do share it on your favorite social media platform to spread the information.

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