How To Create Instagram Stories Introduced In New Update

Instagram just launched a significant update and have introduced Instagram Stories. If you’re wondering what the hell Instagram stories is then keep reading this article as I will share what is Instagram Story feature all about and how to use and create Instagram stories.

What is Instagram Story feature?

How to Create Instagram Stories

Did you update your Instagram recently? If yes then you would have observed a new section at the top of your Instagram feed. That is nothing but Instagram Story of users whom you have followed. Stories concept launched by Instagram is nothing new as it is almost similar to Snapchat Story feature.

With Instagram Story, you can share multiple photos and videos(as many as you want) which appear together as a slideshow. There are features to add text and drawing to your photos too. These photos and videos last for only 24 hours and are removed automatically. After that, they won’t show up on your profile or in the feed.

How to use or create Instagram Stories?

I will be using steps and screenshots from Instagram App for iOS version 9.0.1 but the method remains the same for Android as well with slight changes.

1. Open Instagram app and tap on plus icon at the top left or swipe right in your feed.

How to create Instagram stories

2. App will access your camera and you can tap on the circular button at the bottom center to click pictures or long tap to record videos.  If you want to take the picture or video again tap Cancel and have a go at it again.

You can always go back to your home screen by selecting the arrow icon at the top right or swipe left on the Camera screen to go back to your feed.

3.  After you have taken the picture or video you will get editing options to insert text drawings etc. You may add them if desired.

4. You can also add Filters by swiping left or right across the screen after capturing the photo or video. There are seven of them currently.

How to add filters in Instagram Stories
Filters in Instagram Story

4. Finally, when you are done with editing tap on the circular button( it will be with a checkmark now) again to post the picture or video to your Story.

Add a photo or video to Instagram story

Similarly, you can add more videos and pictures to your story and all of them will be shown as a Slideshow to your followers on top of their feed. Also, they will expire after 24 hours and won’t show up anywhere on Instagram.

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How to view Instagram Stories?

1. Tap on the user profile icon on top of your feed whose story you want to view.

How to view Instagram story

2. The slideshow will start automatically showing you all the posts uploaded by that user in their story. Please note the tabs on the top which are divided. With these, you can get to know the number of posts in that story.

Number of posts in a story

You can always view the slideshow at your pace rather than waiting for Instagram to load the posts for you. Tap on the photo or video in the slideshow to move to the next post within a story. To move to the story of next user, swipe right.

Unlike regular posts, you cannot comment or like on Instagram Story.

I wish you got an idea about Instagram Stories feature and how to use it. There are a few more settings related to Stories feature which I will share in another post. Stay tuned for that.

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