How to Add and Use Bitmoji on Snapchat

Last Updated: September 14, 2017

Bitmoji maker Bitstrips was acquired by Snapchat last year in 2016. Since then Snapchat has integrated it in their app in every way possible which makes sense. It is possible to add Bitmoji as your profile picture on Snapchat which also becomes a part of your Snapcode. You can also add Bitmoji stickers to your snaps before sending or uploading them. If you are new to this then this tutorial is here to help you out. Here you will get to know how to add and use Bitmoji on Snapchat for Android and iOS.

In case you are looking to do the opposite then here’s how to unlink Bitmoji from Snapchat.

If you happen to have deleted your own picture from Snapchat profile then Snapchat forces you to put a Bitmoji or you can leave it empty. As I mentioned earlier about Bitmoji-Snapchat integration, this is one of the tactics used by Snapchat to get more users on Bitmoji. So, here’s how you can put one in your profile.

How to Add Bitmoji Profile Picture on Snapchat?

1. To set things in motion head over to respective app stores to download Bitmoji app.

Android | iOS

2. Open the app once the installation is completed. If you already have a Bitmoji account then tap on Log In at the bottom.

New users have two options either they can Log in with Snapchat or Sign up with Email.

How to add Bitmoji on Snapchat

The drawback of using the Snapchat account to sign in is that on removing Bitmoji from Snapchat the Bitmoji avatar will be deleted and you will have to create it again. This is not convenient when you intend to continue using Bitmoji on other apps like WhatsApp.

So, these are the facts you need to keep in mind. Make your choice and continue with the next step.

3. If you are signing up using Email then provide your Birthday, First & Last Name, Email Address and set the desired password.

Bitmoji Email Sign Up

Tap on Sign Up when done.

In case you chose Snapchat option then tap on Create Bitmoji.

Link Bitmoji with Snapchat

4. The next steps are designing your avatar. There are plenty of options you can play with here. Face, hair, eyes, cheeks, accessories, beard to name a few. So put your creative cap on and create your Bitmoji avatar.

5. Once created, the Bitmoji will be automatically linked and added to Snapchat for users who used the Snapchat login.

For the users who chose Email sign up will need a few more taps.

  • Open Snapchat and tap on the Ghost icon at the top left corner.

Snapchat Settings

  • Next, tap on the gear icon at the top right corner.
  • In My Account, select Bitmoji.

Add Bitmoji on Snapchat

  • On the next screen tap on Create Bitmoji. This will take you to Bitmoji app. If the link opens in a browser then tap on Open at the top right of the page to launch Bitmoji app.

Change Snapchat Profile Picture to Bitmoji

  • Next, tap on Agree & Connect.

You will be taken back to Snapchat and you should see your Bitmoji in your profile picture.

Apart from using Bitmoji in the profile picture, you can add the stickers in your snaps. Here’s how.

How to Use Bitmoji on Snapchat?

There are two ways you can add Bitmoji stickers available for different moods and situations to your photos and videos. One is using the Bitmoji keyboard and other using the Editing options inside Snapchat.

In order to use the Bitmoji keyboard, you will have to add it first. Follow the steps given here to add the Bitmoji keyboard for both Android and iPhone.

  • Once added, open Snapchat and capture photo or video or upload from Gallery/Camera Roll as usual.
  • To add the Bitmoji via keyboard tap on text option at the top right and switch to Bitmoji keyboard.

Use Bitmoji on Snapchat

  • Tap on the desired Bitmoji and it will be added to the snap.

Using Sticker Option Inside Snapchat

  • Another way to add Bitmoji is to tap on sticker icon in editing options.

Use Bitmoji Stickers on Snapchat

  • Now, select Bitmoji tab at the bottom.
  • Tap on the desired Bitmoji and it will be added.

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We hope that this guide helped you to use Bitmoji on Snapchat. If you found it helpful then don’t forget to share it with other Snapchatters.


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