US to launch world’s fastest Computer by 2025

According to the Top 500 lists analyzed from June 2013 to June 2015, it has been reported that China has the world’s fastest  Supercomputer – Tianhe-2 or we can say TH-2. Within the span of 2 years no other supercomputer has been launched in the market which could overtake China’s TH-2.

But now according to BBC news US has decided to launch world’s fastest supercomputer by 2025 which will be way ahead of TH-2. It’s going to be extremely fast, updated, accurate and upgraded computer which the tech market has never ever experienced.

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Where researchers had criticized China’s TH-2 saying that it’s not that convenient to use and moreover it has low calculation capacity, US decided to satisfy all the expectations of these researchers and launch a computer which is going to be very easy to use and will be having extra high calculation capacity of nearly a Quintilian per second. Can you believe it? Yes! It’s going to be fastest computer ever beyond the expectations of human mind.

Team for Supercomputer

In fact, to develop this supercomputer president Obama has issued a special team and development body named National Strategic Computer Initiative i.e. NSCI.  The main motive of US is to build a computer which will beat all the modern supercomputers in terms of speed, complex calculations, ease, research and coding aspects. Not only this, it will prove highly helpful in national security projects as well.

There are few huge advantages of this upcoming supercomputer like it’s use in computational fluid dynamics, it can deal with huge and very large data sets, web pages and so on. This supercomputer will have very high storage capacity and it can deal with almost every technological issue and any complex numerical and scientific calculations. This will be a computer which will not only be helpful in dealing with technological challenges but will act as a helpful tool for mankind even like it’s going to measure the climate challenges faced around the world.

This supercomputer would be named as “EXASCALE MACHINE”. You must be wondering that “Why Exascale? “. Well what would you call an industry which works on a huge scale? Of course large scale. Right? So this is a computer which will work on extra scale – something on a higher scale and so we can say that US will provide us with an “exascale machine”.

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Obviously it’s not an easy task to accomplish but being in a constantly growing digital and computerized world and having the involvement of few NASA scientists in the development of this supercomputer, we can expect even the “impossible” to happen! So let’s keep an eye on the launch of world’s fastest supercomputer.


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