How To Upload Pictures To Snapchat Story From Camera Roll On Android/iPhone App

In this Snapchat tutorial, you will learn about creating a Snapchat Story from Camera roll on Android and iOS app. Follow this post to add/upload photos and videos to Snapchat Story from smartphone’s gallery or Camera roll. Additionally, there are some important swipe gestures mentioned in this article you need to know while uploading pictures to your Story without any hassle.

A couple of months back in August, Instagram released a similar Story feature. If you are an Instagram user as well then you might follow my tutorial on creating Instagram Story from Camera roll. The option in Snapchat to add photos from the Gallery is visible on the screen, unlike Instagram. So, let us go ahead and look at the procedure.

Upload Pictures To Snapchat Story From Camera Roll

The procedure doesn’t include the use of any third party app. Snapchat offers an official feature in its app to add media in your Story from Gallery. The screenshots and steps used in this article are from iOS app however, the procedure remains the same for Android as well with slight changes.

Let us get to it.

1. Open Snapchat and on the Camera screen tap on the smaller circular icon just below the Capture button as shown below.

create snapchat story from camera roll

2. A new screen by the name of Memories will appear. It has two tabs –  Snaps and Camera Roll. Snaps contain all the pictures saved from Snapchat and Camera roll tab consists of all the Photos on your device. Select Camera Roll tab.

add pictures to snapchat story from camera roll

Unlike Instagram Story, Snapchat allows you to add media older than 24 hours to your Story as well.

3. Tap on the desired photo or video you want to add to your Story. Now, please note the two important gestures. In order to proceed forward with the selected photo/video swipe upwards on the screen. If you want to select some other picture or video then swipe downwards on the screen which shows the selected media.

4. On swiping upwards, options to edit, save, delete and Send the snap will appear. Once you are done with editing, select Send( the white right arrow inside the blue circle at the bottom right corner)

how to upload pictures to snapchat story from camera roll android

5. On the next screen, select the My Story checkbox and select Send (tap on the right arrow at the bottom right corner)

how to upload photos to snapchat story iphone

With this, the selected media will be added to your Snapchat Story 🙂

Apart from adding the photo or video to Story, you can also send the snap from Gallery or Camera roll to friends too. Check the desired friend and select Send.

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We hope you found this tutorial useful and sorted out your issues. Share this tutorial with your friends on Snapchat to help them out. Feel free to drop a comment in case of any query.


  1. It would be nice if the iPhone had it set up so you could send a pic direct to Snapchat story, like you can to individual friends – instead of having to go through these extra steps.
    Thanks for the tutorial.


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