Samsung Note 7 promising to Unlock your Phone with Eyes

Samsung is surely taking a massive step in the world of technology. After unveiling the coolest details about Samsung Gear 3 the smartwatch, here comes the surprising feature of the very new Samsung Note 7. Unlock your phone just with the help of your eyes. Yes, you read it right. The Note 7 is claiming to be endowed with iris scanner that will help you to unlock your device in no time. It will match the pattern of your eyes which will be set-up during the initial stages. The smartphone is still going to have the fingerprint scanner and four-digit passcode but the eye scanner has currently become the talk of the market.

Besides the rare facet, the Samsung Note 7 also promises to come with a stronger glass screen. After losing its fame to iPhone 6 and 6 plus, Samsung is reported to have profitable outcomes with the release of S7. The Note 7 can be a benchmark in the world of smartphones as it is a perfect combination of style and technology.

upcoming Samsung Note 7 features - featured-min

It is going to launch its new invention in August 2016, few weeks before Apple will release iPhone 7 in the market. The curved edges and a 5.7 inche screen, the latest Samsung mobile is going to be pretty large compared to its other models. It has been declared that the Note 7 is going to be released in the US on August 19th but the price is yet to be announced.
upcoming Samsung Note 7 features - phone-min

The smartphone of the modern era has also taken care about the privacy of the sensitive files and hence, comes with an additional layer of security. One of the greatest inventions of Samsung is the Gear VR which is priced at $100. The Gear 360 also releases on the same day (August 19th) and one can avail it from the market by spending a good $360. Hover the pen in the screen of Note 7 and magnify the texts or images.

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Samsung Note 7 is full of surprises but the iris scanner is not a new feature as Microsoft’s Lumia 950 had it. We expect that the scanner in Note 7 is modified and it is surely going to create some buzz in the crowd.


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