The upcoming Samsung Gear S3 is the new face of Smartwatches

IFA 2016 (September 2nd)  is going to unveil the brand new Samsung Gear S3 which is exclusively designed to meet the active lifestyles of outdoor sports persons. The wearable device has a number of cool sensors which will make it a rare piece in the market. It chose not to deviate from its patent look and thus, it will be round in shape just like the previous versions of the smart wears released by Samsung. It features altimeter, barometer, speedometer and also an integrated GPS. What more do one need in a technologically advanced watch?

You can easily calculate the current speed and average speed with the help of speedometer. Besides these two facets, the speedometer also helps you to track the distance you have covered and also the time of your activity.

As the speedometer cannot run in the device if the location’s services are not activated, the smart watch comes with integrated GPS system. It also has altimeter which continuously measures the altitude you are walking or travelling in.

upcoming samsung gear s3 - featured-min

The display is given in meter or miles and it also gives an accurate altitude graph.  Barometer is used to determine the weather or atmospheric pressure of the area. By wearing the cool Samsung Gear S3 you will stay updated with the sudden weather changes as the warnings are turned on by default whenever threats related to weather are detected.

It also alerts you if the pressure of the location drops below the 4hPa in the period of three hours. You can also measure the altitude of the place with the barometer.
upcoming samsung gear s3 - post-min

With all these advanced features, Samsung Gear S3 is surely going to impress the crowd. It is a great device for the sports enthusiasts as it is equipped with all the essentials a sports person needs. It has taken inspiration from Gear S2 and has the rotating bezel. You can zoom in or out the pictures and also set alarms on your smart watch.  Samsung Gear S3 is going to make a big change in the world of wearable devices this September.


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