Up close & personal with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Features

Samsung has been working hard to produce the most advanced mobile devices on the market for many years now, competing against its greatest enemy, Apple. Last year, the latter dominated the smartphone industry after successfully releasing their iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus which sold an astounding 13 million units in only three days. Experts said in a Forbes article that the weaker sales of the Korean tech giant at the top end of its portfolio may make it hard for the company to regain its place in the market.

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 being released in prime markets later this month, it will still be competing against Apple’s iPhone 6s. Though, it won’t have to compete against the iPhone 7 until September when it is due to be released. In a featured post by O2, they documented how the iPhone 6s comes with upgraded features that Apple missed from their iPhone 6 variant, including a A9 processor, 3D screen technology, and an advanced two-way authentication process. From the looks of it, the features on the next Galaxy smartphones will be more advanced than the current iPhone.Samsung galaxy s7 features

Samsung is determined that the upgrades they made on the Galaxy S7 will take them back to the top of the smartphone arena. Here are some of the upgraded Galaxy S7 features that are set to be included on the next Samsung flagship:

1. Iris scanner – Along with LG, Samsung is reportedly working with iris scanning technology in order to incorporate it on their next smartphone. Upgrading the fingerprint sensor and the new biometric technology will bring more security to users, especially when using the handset for mobile payments. According to Live Science, the researchers revealed that iris sensors are harder to counterfeit, making it almost ‘foolproof.’

2. Pressure sensitive display – While Apple introduced the 3D Touch Technology, Samsung plans to make their Galaxy S7 with a pressure sensitive screen. It has the same idea as the former, where each tap equates to a certain command on the screen.

3. New BRITECELL camera – The next Samsung flagship will arrive with a new camera that is designed to be both small in size but with better low light output. Another report revealed that the company is working with Sony to get the IMX300 sensor that was initially released in the Xperia Z5 series.

4. Snapdragon 820 – Powerful processing power will be available on the Galaxy S7 with the arrival of the Snapdragon 820. It is expected that it will save more power with the Marshmallow on board. Expect the speed and battery life of the next Galaxy smartphone to improve massively.

5. VR headset support – Demand for better virtual reality technology is expected to increase this year, where Samsung will aim to be an industry leader. Last year, the company announced their Galaxy S6 along with the new Gear VR headset. Samsung will improve the headset’s support to Galaxy S7 with more sensors, more games, or much more VR focused technology.

It is predicted that the Galaxy S7 will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress this coming February 21. Some rumors suggest that pre-order will be available on the day of the launch itself, with smartphones being delivered to consumer’s doorsteps within two weeks.

What do you hope to see on the next Samsung flagship? Share your thoughts below.


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