How to Unsend/Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone on Android and iPhone

Last Updated: October 4, 2018

With over a billion users communicating through WhatsApp every day, mistakes, like sending a message to an incorrect contact or sending an inappropriate message to a friend, are bound to happen. To help you cover it, WhatsApp has finally released unsend or Delete for Everyone feature. Rumors and reports about it have been around for quite some time now. But all that is done and dusted as WhatsApp has started to roll it out for Android and iPhone. Follow this tutorial to learn how to use the feature to delete WhatsApp messages for everyone.

What does Delete for Everyone Mean?

Previously you could only delete sent WhatsApp messages from your phone. The latest feature allows you to delete the message not only for yourself but also for the recipient(s) after sending. It is similar to unsend in Instagram.

Before proceeding ahead, I would like you to note the below things for the feature to work.

  • You cannot delete the messages from the friend’s contacts if they are more than 7 minutes old.
  • The recipient should be on the latest WhatsApp version for the feature to work.
  • You can even unsend messages that are read.
  • It works for both groups and individual chats.

So, let’s dive into the steps for Android and iOS app.

Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone

The feature was launched out a few days ago but it’s rolling out slowly to everyone. I got it today. So, if you still don’t get it after updating the app be patient it will be there soon.

  • Launch WhatsApp and open the desired contact or group conversation. Long tap on the message you wish to delete.


  • A context menu will appear tap on the right arrow and select Delete option.

Unsend WhatsApp messages on iPhone

  • It is also possible to select multiple messages if desired. As mentioned earlier the messages should be up to 7 minutes old for Delete for Everyone option to appear.
  • After making the selection tap on the Trash icon at the bottom left and select Delete for Everyone.

Delete for everyone WhatsApp messages

In case of multiple messages, the number of messages will also be included.

Delete WhatsApp messages from recipients phone

  • Delete for Me works in the same way delete used to work earlier. It will only remove messages from your phone.

With this, the message(s) will be erased from the recipient as well as your chat.

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  • Select multiple messages to delete if you wish. Tap on the trash icon at the top row.

Delete WhatsApp messages for everyone on Android

  • Now, with the latest update, you will get more options. Tap on Delete for Everyone.

Unlike unsend on Instagram, the recipient will know that you have deleted a sent message. The deleted messages will be labeled as “This message was deleted” in recipient’s chat. But still, it is better than the embarrassment of the wrong message.

We hope that you were able to unsend WhatsApp messages. If you face any issues let us know in the comments below.

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