Unknown Whatsapp Hacks for Educational purposes

Last Updated: March 7, 2016

A lot of us use Whatsapp and it’s very useful to keep in touch with friends, share images and much more. But Whatsapp can be a distraction sometimes, it eats on your productivity. Now what if you can turn it around and use Whatsapp for learning purposes? Here are few useful and unknown WhatsApp hacks.

Hack #1 – Have your own Wikipedia on Whatsapp

A lot of people don’t know of a service called Duta.in . Duta is a free interactive service, which helps you find the latest news, information etc. It also acts as your personal Wikipedia. Take a look at some examples.

  • When you start off with the service, you get the following message.
WhatsApp Hacks for Education
Duta Welcome Message
  • When you search for  “Android ”you get the following information.

WhatsApp for education

  • It is also interactive and gives you a host of options to choose from.

WhatsApp cool tricks and hacks How to get Duta on your Whatsapp? Step 1 : Add this number( +917299015049 ) to your  contact list and name it whatever you want. Step 2 : Create a new Whatsapp Group and add the above contact in it. Step 3 : Add your friends if you would like and you can start using Duta! Some commands to start off

  1. For finding out information : Type – “search + <Word you want to know>”
  2. For translation : Type – “Translate + Language + <Word or Sentence you want to know>”

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Hack #2 – Summary of a Book

All Whatsapp groups do not have to be unproductive. You can create groups for specific purposes like learning a new word everyday or learning about new concepts.  In this example we use it to summarize a book. Why? A lot of people don’t have the time to read books, a lot of them are lazy. But everybody wants to know the crux of the matter and gain some knowledge. So if you and your friends want to become smarter in a short span of time and learn interesting new things everyday, start a book summary whatsapp group! An example is shown in image below. WhatsApp Unknown educative hacks If you want to get a website which provides book summaries, go to Deconstructing Excellence. Other ideas of  a whatsapp group of similar nature.

  • Create a word a day group.

Make it actionable by making people use that word in a sentence by the end of day during conversation. This makes it fun as well as educative.

  • Technical concepts of programming

Programming can be hard to understand and it takes time. Focus on learning a concept a day and let the discussion flow on that particular topic, within 30 days you will understand a lot of core concepts and your fundamentals become stronger. Cool Tool of the Day

  • Use WhatsTools to share large documents like e-books and more without losing quality.

I hope this article gave you ideas of how to use Whatsapp in a productive way. For more useful everyday hacks and tips, Subscribe to our blog.


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