Unique unknown Tech gadgets that aren’t too common – Part 2

Last Updated: May 19, 2016

Continuing our series of Unknown tech gadgets that aren’t too common, today we bring products for the minimalist.

We’ve had discussions at TechUntold and we believe products can be smarter, leaner and more useful. Minimalism is a concept where less is more. Apple’s design philosophy resides in this quote from Leonardo Da Vinci, which goes like “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”.

When products are simple, clear and can do a job very well, then minimalism is attained. For the sake of our article, we’ll tweak the meaning of minimalism a bit! We’ll showcase some products that minimalists will like because of its simplicity, small size and overall usefulness!


We are all photographers because we are part of the Social Media generation. How many photography pages have cropped up in the past few years? Thousands would not be an understatement. In a world where capturing every single moment and presenting it on Social Media has become the norm, the downsides are lugging around a DSLR everywhere you go to take those picture perfect shots. To counter this encumbrance, a new product called ollo-clip has been invented.

Amazing Tech Gadgets olloclip

Ollo clip is a portable and attachable clip for your iPhone that amplifies the power of the iPhone camera. It uses a series of powerful lenses that expand the capabilities of the already very good iPhone camera. This essentially makes your iPhone almost equivalent to a DSLR camera.

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Dacuda PocketScan

 Even though most of our content consumption is digital, there are still many of us who read and consume content from physical products. Many a time, we would like to collect our findings, or mark the important sections. Whenever we are reading a business book, we would like to summarize all our important points. The Dacuda Pocketscan, which is the smallest hand-held scanner in the world, will help you with all of that.

The Dacuda Pocketscan also comes with an in-built text translator that helps you in translating multiple languages. When you going through your educational content and want to note the important points, then you could use the Dacuda Pocketscan to scan the important pieces of information and it syncs directly with apps like Evernote, which makes it easier to manager on a later basis.

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Unknown Tech Gadgets PocketScan

Ampy Kinetic Charger

This is a true minimalist product that combines two very important aspects of our day-to-day living, Exercising and keeping enough charge in our phone batteries by using a power bank. The Ampy Kinetic Charger recharges when you spend your energy. Kinetic energy is a simple concept to understand, it is when an object is in motion energy is released. The creators of Ampy have harnessed this energy and used it to recharge to power bank.

Amazing Wearable Ampy Move

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