4 Unique Health Gadgets That Aren’t Too Common

Do you know how many tech products that are there in this world? More than you can count. Most of us are not early adopters and we don’t get to use the latest in Tech products that are available in the market right now. More importantly, because of the competition, there’s a discoverability problem that is prevalent among hardware startups, where they aren’t able to get their products in the eyes of many people.

We are going to help some of these tech companies by talking about their products and their use cases and why you should buy them. For this article, we get all health-related tech gadgets.

1. Melo Mind

Our world is extremely cluttered. Not only do we have intense traffic that hounds us, but also the online world is very noisy that sometimes you just want to relax and plug out. Plugging out is easier said than done when you have work to do, family to attend to and keep everything in check. What a lot of people do is take breaks. They have a coffee, which is a depressant and is sometimes an addiction. Some people go for a swim, which can be time-consuming sometimes. What if you could take a great, relaxing and energizing break in a few minutes wherever you are?

There’s Melo Mind.

Melo mind is a wearable stress reliever that makes you go through personalized trainings through your smartphone that helps you relax and relieve your stress. The wearable takes feedback from how your brain is behaving and sends appropriate scientifically created music to help you relax. Can we be happy forever with products like this?

Unique Health gadgets

Check out Melomind

2. Tao Chair

Lifestyle diseases have become an epidemic. Health has taken a back-seat and applications that help us do everything have made humans lazy. But here’s a company that wants to take that laziness and enable it. Sitting on the couch and binge-watching TV is the epitome of lazy. Taochair creators understand this and they’ve created a chair that helps you work out.

Health Tech Gadgets

The Taochair helps you do various exercises while sitting and the application that you download, tell you the calories you’ve burnt and the muscles you’ve worked out. The Taochair also targets the leg’s muscle group which is one of the largest in the human body and that can take maximum pressure which means burning more calories.

Health Tech Gadgets

Check out Taochair

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3. Sleep Shepherd

More any more people all over the world are suffering from Insomnia and a lack of sleep. A lot of Millennials have complained about being able to sleep only late and hence hurting their circadian rhythm. Using smartphones, tablets have been connected to improper sleep patterns because of the blue light that is emitted. One company seems to have a solution for it, and they are calling it the Sleep Shepherd.

Health Tech Gadgets

Unknown Health Gadgets

Check out Sleep Shepherd

 It monitors brainwaves with the EEG sensors that are enabled within the device. Our brains have a pattern that is required to fall asleep and the shepherd helps that process by using binaural tones that sync with the brain that helps in making us sleep faster.

4. Ampy Kinetic Charger

This is a true minimalist product that combines two very important aspects of our day-to-day living, Exercising and keeping enough charge in our phone batteries by using a power bank. The Ampy Kinetic Charger recharges when you spend your energy. Kinetic energy is a simple concept to understand, it is when an object is in motion energy is released. The creators of Ampy have harnessed this energy and used it to recharge to power bank.

Amazing Wearable Ampy Move

Check out Ampy

This kind of tech is mind-blowing and is super useful to everybody on a daily basis. Keep a check on this section to get a continuous supply of useful gadgets that can make your life better.


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