How to Unfollow Non-Followers on Twitter and Instagram

Last Updated: August 20, 2016

Does your Twitter or Instagram account is overloaded with a high number of Following when compared to Followers? If that is your case then you should definitely consider unfollowing those who don’t follow you back on Twitter or Instagram. That is exactly what I am going to help you out with and let you know how to unfollow non-followers on Twitter and Instagram in this tutorial.

If you get to know your non-followers on Instagram or Twitter then you can easily go ahead and unfollow them too. I will share a web tool which not only shows you the users who don’t follow you back but also gives you an option to unfollow them, so you need not go back to Twitter or Instagram to unfollow them.

I used the similar tool for earlier tutorials where we learned about who unfollowed you on Instagram and sending automated direct messages on Twitter and Instagram using Crowdfire. The same app will help us in unfollowing the non-followers.

Unfollow Non-Followers on Twitter and Instagram

Unfollow Non-Followers on Twitter and Instagram

1. Visit Crowdfire. You can use the earlier tutorial(link shared above) to set up Crowdfire if you find it difficult.

2. Enter your Twitter credentials and give Crowdfire access to your account by clicking on Authorize.

3. Once your account is synced with Crowdfire, select Non-Followers on the left sidebar.

The difference between Non-Followers and Recent Unfollowers options in Crowdfire is that Recent Unfollowers may have the users whom you don’t follow but under Non-Followers the users whom you don’t follow will never be listed.

4. All the users whom you follow but they don’t follow you back will be loaded. You can use the Subtract icon to Unfollow them.

unfollow those who don't follow back on twitter and Instagram

There is a daily limit for the number of users you can unfollow. You can either come back daily and clear a few every day or upgrade to premium version to remove the unfollow limit.

Do not expect companies and blogs to follow you. Hence, it is not wise to unfollow these companies and blogs if you are interested in what they have to offer and think that they add value to your feed.

Similarly, you can add your Instagram account too and follow the same steps to unfollow non-followers in Instagram as well.

Unfollow non-followers from smartphone

Alternatively, you can use Crowdfire Mobile app for Android and iOS to unfollow non-followers on Twitter and Instagram from the smartphone. Mobile app set up is again explained in an earlier tutorial at TechUntold.

All in all, Crowdfire is a really powerful social media management tool. It can perform lots of operations which are useful for social media marketing and managing personal social media accounts.

Let us know which tool you use to manage your social media accounts? How do you track un-followers on Twitter or Instagram? The comment section is all yours.


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