5 Best UNetbootin Alternatives For Creating Bootable USB Drive

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UNetbootin is a free Windows application with the help of which you can create live bootable USB drives using ISO files. Not only that, but this tool also allows installing other system utilities, Linux and other Windows operating systems without a CD, using these created flash drives. Though it is a great tool for creating bootable drives, it has its own drawbacks.

Using UNetbootin may leave your external hard drives vulnerable and may damage them. And there are times when it may not create the desired bootable disk or may not work completely. There are much better applications than UNetbootin that you can use and are way better. So we have mentioned some softwares like UNetbootin with which you can create bootable live USB drives with much safety. Let’s have a look at the best UNetbootin alternatives for desktops, Mac and PC.

UNetbootin Alternatives For Windows PC And Mac

1. Rufus

Software like UNetbootin - Rufus

Rufus is the number one application for creating bootable USB drive. This tool is faster as compared to UNetbootin while creating the bootable drives. What difference here is that Rufus can automatically detect the USB drive once it’s connected with the PC.

Creating bootable drive is also easy, just select the drive, type of booting process and other system options as per your preference and tap on Start. Once done it will show the ready in green and your USB bootable drive is ready. And this is an open source application that means if you are a coder then you can easily access its source code from GitHub.

Download Rufus

2. Etcher

Unetbootin alternatives linux - etcher

Etcher is currently one of the best UNetbootin alternatives for Mac and Linux. The interface of this software is decent and the simplest as compared to other competitors including UNetbootin. You just have to select the ISO or the target file, the USB drive, and tap on flash. It’s that easy.

What makes this tool different than the others in this list is that it is cross-platform and can be used to create bootable live USB drives for all the operating systems. One thing about Etcher is that the size of its application file is bigger than the others in this list and it does not provide that much of settings like the Rufus.

Download Etcher

3. LinuxLive USB Creator

LinuxLive - unetbootin alternative for fedora

If you want a tool which lets you create bootable USB drives for various Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and many others then LinuxLive is for you. It will let you use these Linux distributions without needing to boot your system every time. The interface of this application is quite different than the others on the list.

You just have to select the desired booting settings and click on the lightning icon on the bottom to create the drive. This tool will also let you select from where to get the booting details from. It can be a CD, local drive or you can even download it from the Internet if required. If you get confused anywhere then tap on the question mark icon in front of each step to know about it in detail.

Download LinuxLive USB Creator

4. Deepin Boot Maker

Deepin Boot Maker

Another similar application like UNetbootin for making bootable flash USB drives like all the tools mentioned above using the ISO file. Just select the file and then the USB drive. After that, it will burn that ISO file into the USB drive making it bootable.

What it has extra than the others on the list is that you can turn any unused pen drive, that might not be working, into a bootable Linux drive. You can use this software on your Windows, Linux or even on Mac PCs.

Download Deepin Boot Maker

5. WinToFlash Lite


This software is a little complicated to use as you will get multiple tabs and options inside them. It may take some time to understand the UI of this app. But once you get to know, then it becomes easy to make bootable USB drives with WinToFlash. There is a wizard mode where you can create single or multiboot USB drives and next to it are a few more single-boot settings.

Once you start making the bootable disk you will get more settings. Here you can select various parameters as per your requirement to make the flash drive bootable. You can also install full Windows to a USB on the go. And at last, you will get the option to wipe or create partitions of the disk drives.

Download WinToFlash

Which One Is The Best UNetbootin Alternative?

Now create a live bootable USB flash drive with an external hard drive or pen drive with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. If you are looking for a perfect UNetbootin replacement, then no doubt you can go for Rufus and Etcher. Hope you found the best software like UNetbootin that you were looking for.

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