Blocked Each Other on Instagram? Here’s how to Unblock

You might have blocked someone on Instagram because of some reason or the other. After figuring out that you have blocked them on Instagram they blocked you back. Or this story can be just the opposite. But in any case, you have now blocked each other on Instagram and you are not able to find a way to visit each other’s profile to unblock. If it seems like your story then this tutorial is going to be a life saver for you. Here you will get to know the working method in 2017 to unblock if you have blocked each other on Instagram.

Instagram is pretty strict in terms of privacy when compared to WhatsApp or Facebook. In the first place, Instagram makes it pretty tough for users to block each other. The only way to block each other is mentioned below.

How to Block Each Other on Instagram?

First User

  • Visit desired user’s profile.
  • Tap on the 3 dots icon at the top right and select Block.

Block Someone On Instagram

  • Confirm your decision by tapping on Block.

Second User

If the second user wants to block the first user then they have only one option. The first user won’t appear in search results or in the Followers list of the second user as blocking someone makes them unfollow you.

The second user can only block the first user from their Instagram Direct conversation. It will still be there in the second user’s account.

  • Go to Instagram Direct folder and select the conversation with the first user.
  • Tap on the i icon at the top right corner.

Block Each Other on Instagram

  • Either use the Block on the next screen or tap on the user’s name to go to their profile.
  • If you choose the second option then tap on the 3 dots icon on their profile and select Block.

Now, later if you decide to unblock each other then the following options won’t work.

  • The two users won’t find each other on their Blocked List. (Visit your profile screen > Tap on Gear icon(iOS) and 3 dots(Android) > Blocked Users). The list won’t have the name of the first user for the second user and vice versa.
  • Both them will not be able to find each other via search.
  • Instagram Direct conversations between them will be removed for both the parties so it is not possible to Unblock or visit their profile via messages.

But don’t be disappointed as after trying out a few different things finally I found one which works.

Unblock If You Have Blocked Each Other on Instagram

  • Open any Instagram photo preferably yours as you will have to comment and it’s better not to spam others content.
  • Tap on the comment icon below the image and type the Instagram username of the user you wish to unblock preceded by the @. Hit post to publish your comment.

Unblock User who blocked you back on Instagram

  • Now, tap on the username you commented above. This will take you to their profile.

Important: You might face User Not Found while using this method but close Instagram app and try visiting their profile again from the comment. Keep patience and try for a few times and you should be able to visit their profile without User Not Found error.

  • Once you are on their profile, simply tap on 3 dots at the top right and select Unblock. Confirm your decision by selecting Unblock.

Unblock If You Have Blocked Each Other on Instagram

  • As soon as one user unblocks the other user will be able to see the blocked user in their Blocked Users list. Tap on their name to visit their profile. You know what to do next. Again, if you face User Not Found error then please try visiting the profile a few times after relaunching the Instagram app.

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So, this was the method which worked the best amongst others. There are a few glitches but it gets the job done. We hope that you were able to unblock the other person who blocked you back.

If you found this guide useful then don’t forget to share it on social media to help them out as well. In the case of any issue please drop a comment below.


  1. After playing around with it for a while, I finally figured out the solution. When someone has you blocked on ig, the only way you can block them back is if you have them in your DMs. You can access their profile from there, and block. Once you do that and you guys have each other blocked, they will forever be gone from being able to search them, therefore you will not be able to access their profile to unblock them. Unless… what you have to do is comment and @them on any random post, and you will see it automatically be green saying it will send as a message. This prevents any of your followers from seeing that you tagged somebody in a post, as it will be a direct message. Once you send it, something will pop up asking if you eant to view your conversation. Click it and it will take you to all your previous exchanged DMs. If you don’t want the person you just unblocked to know, then simply long press the video/pic you tagged them in and intend the message. But first, be sure to click their profile and unblock them first. Hope this helps !


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