Twitter iOS App gets Night mode feature, here’s how to enable it

Earlier in July, Twitter enhanced its Android App with Night mode feature and it was a matter of time for it to roll out for iOS. Eventually, Night mode feature is introduced in Twitter iOS App version 6.60. After updating the app I have to agree that it is pleasing to the eye. With bright background and black text, it really is not good for the eyes in the dark. But don’t you worry now as Night mode has come to the rescue.

A similar feature was introduced in iOS 9.3.2 by the name of Night Shift which of course works on all apps. However, Twitter released their own Night mode.

Here’s a tweet from the official Twitter account about finally releasing Night mode for iOS.

Turn On Night Mode Feature in Twitter : iOS, Android

In order to use Night Mode on Twitter iOS app update to the latest version. Open the app and select Me Tab at the bottom left corner.  Under your profile, tap on Gear icon(Settings) and select “Turn on Night Mode“.

Turn on Night Mode twitter app

As soon as you turn on Night mode your screen will switch from white background to a dark blue background with white text. Hashtags, mentions, and links will appear in blue color. It definitely helps when using the app in dark. Here is a screenshot of how Night Mode will look like.

Night Mode Twitter

To turn off the night mode, again use the Gear icon on  your profile screen and select “Turn off Night Mode“.

To use it on the Android app, tap on your profile photo and toggle Night Mode to ON from the sliding Menu which appears. All the products, apps software’s, and gadgets are taking the health of users as a priority which is a really good sign. Have a look at some hand picked Health gadgets.

Go ahead and tweet in Night mode. Let others know about this useful feature by sharing the article as much as you can.


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