Twitter Logo is named after Larry Bird

Everyone has seen the online social networking giant, Twitter’s logo, it’s a bird. And that bird itself makes Twitter identifiable. And do you know that the Twitter’s Logo bird also has a name. Yes, the bird shown in the Twitter logo has a name and Twitter has given it name as Larry, Larry the bird. You might be thinking that the name Larry is named after Larry Page, the Co founder of Google or some other techie person. No, actually the name Larry is named after the famous former NBA basketball player Larry Bird of Boston Celtics fame.

This secret of the Twitter’s Logo name came into picture in August 2011, when Twitter Co founder Biz Stone was asked about it by the Boston’s Celtic’s director of interactive media, Peter Stringer.

Change in Twitter Logo’s

Twitter till now has three logos, the first one was from July 15, 2006 to September 14, 2010, second logo was in existence from September 14, 2010 to June 5, 2012 and the third and current one is from June 5, 2012 till present as shown below in pictures.

Twitter Logo - First
First Twitter Logo






Twitter Logo - second
Second Twitter Logo






Twitter Logo Third
Currently Twitter’s Logo








As you can see in the above three logos, the “Twitter” word is now being removed in the third logo and the bird is becoming the whole and sole symbol for Twitter’s branding. In the current logo of Twitter, they replaced the Larry the bird with the icon and simply named it as “Twitter Bird”. Now Twitter is saying that their new logo resembles the Mountain Bluebird.

And in the new logo you can see the Larry bird is always either in blue or white colors neither in black nor in other colors.


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