How to Turn On/Off Night Shift in iOS 11 From Control Center

Night Shift which was rolled out in iOS with iOS 9.3. It helps in maintaining the color temperature automatically when enabled. In the evening/night, it changes the display colors to yellow which are comfortable for the eyes and help in getting better sleep. iOS 11 one of the significant features was the ability to customize Control Center. However, you might have noticed that Night Shift option is missing from the Control Center and it isn’t listed as one of the controls in Control Center Settings. You not able to find it doesn’t mean that Apple has removed it completely from the Control Center. Follow the steps in this tutorial to turn on/off Night Shift in iOS 11 from Control Center.

You can always enable or disable Night Shift from the Settings by selecting Display & Brightness. Under that, tap on Night Shift and toggle the Scheduled or Manually Enable Until Tomorrow switch. But, this isn’t convenient considering you could do it from Control Center in earlier iOS versions. Fortunately, it is possible to do the same in iOS 11 as well. Here’s how.

Turn On/Off Night Shift in iOS 11 From Control Center

As mentioned earlier you won’t find Night Shift option while customizing Control Center(Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls) It’s because that’s not where Apple has included it.

  • Bring up the Control Center by swiping upwards on iPhone/iPad.
  • Now, long press or 3D-Touch on the brightness slider.
  • The next screen will have a Night Shift option below the slider.

Turn on/off Night Shift in iOS 11 from Control Center

  • ┬áTap on it to enable or disable it.

That’s all there’s to it.

Similar to the Auto-Brightness setting being moved to a different location, Night Shift has been relocated in iOS 11. Such sorts of minute alterations always happen with a major iOS update. But you don’t need to bother as you are aware of it now.

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