How to Turn On/Off Facebook Memories Notifications From Web and App

Facebook’s On This Day feature came into existence a couple of years back and it’s safe to say that it is well-accepted. There is hardly a day when I don’t see a memory shared in my Facebook news feed. Just in case you don’t miss out on viewing what happened on a day a year or a few years ago Facebook handles it pretty well with the help of notifications. If you want to enable Facebook memories notifications then follow this tutorial. In case you are looking to do the just opposite then we have also covered how to turn off memories notifications on Facebook. The steps for both website and iPhone/Android app are mentioned.

So, let’s get going.

Turn On/Off Facebook Memories Notifications

As the majority of the users are using the app so let’s start with the procedure for the same.

iPhone/Android App

The steps and screenshots used here are from the iPhone app but there is not much of a difference for Android.

1. Open Facebook app and tap on the Hamburger menu icon at the bottom right.

2. Come down until you see Settings. Tap on it and select Account Settings.

Facebook Notification Settings App

3. Under Settings, tap on Notifications.

4. Now, in What Notifications You Get section select On This Day.

Turn on or off Facebook Memories notifications from iPhone app

5. To enable the notifications tap on All Memories or Highlights. For disabling them select None.

Depending on your selection in step 5 above the memories notification will turn on or off.

If you wish to manage birthday notifications on Facebook then follow this tutorial.

Facebook Website

1. Visit the Facebook website and log into your account if you have not done it already.

2. Click on the drop-down menu at the top right corner and select Settings.

Facebook notification settings

3. Next, click on Notifications at the left sidebar.

4. Now, click on On Facebook at the top.

5. In What You Get Notified About section there will an On This Day label. Click on the drop-down menu to it’s right. Select All Memories or Highlights to turn on notifications or choose None to get rid of them.

Facebook memories notifications from website

With this, the selected Settings will be saved.

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We hope that you are able to manage Facebook memories notifications. Either you want to get reminded about memories or wish to keep yourself focused on important notifications you should be able to do so. If you come across any issues let us know by dropping a comment below.

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