How to Turn On/Off Auto-Brightness in iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad

Did you update to iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad and now you are unable to find the auto-brightness setting under Display & Brightness? Well, that is because Apple for some reason has relocated it. Auto-Brightness, when enabled, adjusts the screen brightness depending on the surrounding light. It is turned on by default but if you wish to disable it then you will find it at a different location in the latest iOS version. You can follow this tutorial to know the changed steps to turn on/off auto-brightness in iOS 11.

Turn On/Off Auto-Brightness in iOS 11

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap on General.

iOS Accessibility Settings

3. Under General select Accessibility.

4. Now, tap on Display Accommodations.

Turn on/off auto-brightness in iOS 11

5.  Here, you should find Auto-Brightness option. Toggle it’s switch to ON/OFF to enable or disable it.

As mentioned below the auto-brightness setting, disabling it may affect battery life. This is because of the fact that you may increase screen brightness in a particular area but then forget to decrease it when high intensity is not required. Auto-Brightness takes care of exactly this and adjusts the brightness to optimal level at all times.

So, keeping this in mind you can decide whether to activate or deactivate it.

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As always apart from the new features in iOS 11 there are some slight changes in the settings. Auto-Brightness is one of them where Apple has just moved it to a different location. To users like me, it makes sense to have it under Display & Brightness like it was in iOS 10 or earlier. The reason for the change seems unclear but what matters for now is you know where you can find it.

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