How to turn off Notifications in WhatsApp for particular contact

Are you annoyed, irritated or busy in some work and don’t want to get disturbed from the WhatsApp notifications from particular contact, who is pinging you continuously. You can very well turn off WhatsApp notifications but that will disable WhatsApp notifications for all the contacts and you might end up missing an important message. As a solution to this problem what if I tell you that you can turn off the notifications for a specific contact in WhatsApp. Yes, it’s possible, here’s how.

Steps to turn off Notifications in WhatsApp for Individual Contact

This can be achieved through mute chat in WhatsApp. For iOS, mute individual chat itself will allow you to disable notifications for specific contact. On the other hand, for Android there is an extra setting shown below:

1. Open WhatsApp, open the contact for whom you want to turn off the notifications.

2. Now tap on the 3 dots at top, a menu will open. Now tap on View contact.

turn off notifications in WhatsApp for particular contact -3-dots

3. In the profile of that contact, look for the mute option as shown in the picture and enable the mute option.

turn off notifications in WhatsApp for particular contact-option

4. A new popup will appear you can uncheck the Show notifications option.

turn off notifications in WhatsApp for particular contact - chat


5. Now you will not get any notification from that particular contact, however once you open the WhatsApp, the unread messages will be shown for that contact.

Note 1: If the option to turn off notifications is not appearing in your WhatsApp, then please update your WhatsApp. These photos and steps were taken from WhatsApp Version 2.12.510.

Note 2: For iPhone, mute functionality does this automatically. Mute chat in WhatsApp for iOS means turning off the notifications for that particular contact/group. Whereas, in Android it means to silent the notifications with an extra functionality to turn off notifications as well.

We wish you were able to get rid of annoying notifications in WhatsApp. For any queries, please use the comments section below.

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