Turing Phone makes unbreakable, unhackable phone a reality

In this article we will unveil the untold amazing Android smartphone Turing Phone features and specifications which is suppose to come in near future. A very unique smart phone technology has been developed by the engineers which is claimed to be unhackable, unbreakable as well as waterproof. This smart phone is made up of liquid metal also known as ‘’liquidmorphium” which said to be a material stronger than both the alloy steel and titanium. ‘’Liquidmorphium” will save the phone from shock and screen breakage, this material is also used by Apple in iPhone 6 models in a very small quantity. These cell phones are named as the “Turing Phones’’.

Turing Phone Features

The encryption is built in the phone and also in most of the major applications of this technology from top to bottom. The “Turning phone” can only be activated by the users fingerprint, the fingerprint reader is there on the side of the device. This will allow only the user to access the phone and no third person can use it. The turning phone is coated with hydrophobic nano-coating not only externally but internally too every single part and hardware is covered with the coating which makes it fully waterproof. This phone has extra ordinary quality you can leave it in water for more than 24 hours and all you have to do us pull it out, shake the water off and it will work smoothly without any problem.

Turing Phone Features
Turing Smartphone

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Turing Smartphone Specifications

The specification of the device include 5.5 inch screen which is 1,920 pixels by 1800 pixels for full high definition picture, video quality and this screen size also meets the new trend of large cell phones in the market. Turing phone will have android 5.1 lollipop but it will run totally on Google’s mobile system including a fully customized software for the device. It also includes a krait 2.5 GHz quad- core processor with a “turing limitation key chipset”. The camera of this phone is of 13 MP HDR rear face, dual flashing camera. The front camera is of 8 MP HDR. It has a battery power of 3000 milliampere-hour (mAh). The sensors of this amazing phone include fingerprints, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature, humidity, proximity as well as ambient light.

Turing Phone Price and Release Date

To get this wonderful piece of technology all you got to do is place a pre-order online as the ordering starts form 31st of July. The phone will be available is three colours Pharaoh, Beowulf and Cardinal. The price range of this phone will be starting from $610 (38,700 INR) for the model with 16 GB memory.    

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This amazing android technology is developed by “Turing robotics industries” which is based in China and San Francisco.  Turing phone has some drawbacks as well like there no jack for earplugs, no USB port for charging, it uses a system similar to the Apple MagSafe connector for that. Another drawback is that the memory of this device is starts with paltry range of 16 GB and it cannot be expanded.

All said, this is definitely a innovative and different smartphone which promises a lot. Will you go for it? What is the most amazing Turing Phone feature you like? Share your thoughts.


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