Truecaller Vs Hiya Comparison to Help You Choose The Better One

Last Updated: October 16, 2018

Truecaller and Hiya are the popular Caller ID apps to identify and block calls. I have shared an article of Truecaller alternatives in which Hiya is first on the list. As Hiya is the best competitor of Truecaller, you need to look into the pros and cons of both the apps. Here I am doing Truecaller vs Hiya comparison so that you can figure out the best one for you. As both the apps block spam calls & spam SMSs, let’s learn more about these two apps.

truecaller vs hiya comparison

Truecaller vs Hiya

Both the apps are available for Android and iPhone. I have divided the comparison into two segments. One is the “features” and the other is “app functionalities”. Let’s first look at the caller Id features of both the apps.

Caller ID Features

Call Screener: It is a personal assistant from Hiya which will take care of the unknown callers on your behalf. But you won’t find assistant like this in Truecaller.

Dual SIM Support: If you have a smartphone which supports two SIMs and you want a caller id app for both the networks, then Truecaller can do this for you.

Missed Calls Reminder: Truecaller lets you turn on/off missed call reminder so that you never miss a chance to call back the person.

Active Users: If you compare Truecaller with Hiya in terms of users, then former one has a huge user base then the later one.

Profile Privacy: There is an option inside settings in Truecaller app that will protect your profile from being public. You can set it to “Request Only”. If you enable this option then other users can only view your profile if you approve their request.

Hiya Vs Truecaller App Functionalities Comparison

News Section: Hiya has dedicated news section where it will show news related to Hiya and about spam calls. This feature is not available in Truecaller app.

Ads Free: This is the most important thing for which users are bothered about. Hiya is Ads free whereas Truecaller has Ads. However, you can always go for the Pro version of Truecaller to get rid of the ads and get other features too.

Theme: No App theme is available in Hiya app but Truecaller offers a dark theme. This theme will help in saving battery and is very useful at night time, you can call it night mode.

Money Transfer: This is a quite unique and different feature you will find in Truecaller. From the app, you will be able to send and receive money from anyone 24/7. But currently, this feature is only available in India.

Filtering: If you compare Hiya with Truecaller you will find searchability easy in Truecaller app. It has filters to view incoming calls, outgoing call and missed calls separately. This helps in finding the number or caller quickly. It makes the app more user-friendly.

Language: If you are looking for an app that supports your national language then you can go with Trucaller. On the other side, Hiya lacks this feature currently.

Looking at the above advantages and disadvantages of Hiya and Truecaller, you can decide the best app for you. If you want a free app without Ads then Hiya is a good option. However, it all depends on your needs.


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