How to trim a Video and take pictures while recording in iPhone

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

We make use of videos for entertainment, getting our message through in a much clearer way, connect with friends, family in a more natural way and more. Sometimes you may want to share a part of video and not the full recorded video or downloaded video. In order to do that iOS provides a feature in iPhone and iPad where you can save a segment of the video from the original full length video. In this article we will let you know how to trim a video in iPhone/iPad without use of any other application. Additionally, sometimes you may wish to click a picture while recording video. We will also cover that in the post.

Trim a Video in iPhone

You can trim iPhone video by using the following steps mentioned below :

  • Go to Photos App in your iPhone/iPad
  • Tap on Videos Album and select the video you want to trim.
  • On Top of the video there is a bar which shows the entire length of the video. On left and right end of the bar there are arrows which indicate start and end of the video.
  • You need to modify the start and end arrows by dragging and dropping them to the positions where you would like to start and end the video.
  • You can also modify only one of the points i.e. start or end if desired.

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Note : If you have problems while dragging and dropping be careful you are pressing on the ends(left or right) of the bar and not the playhead or anywhere else in the bar. Once you press at correct location and drag and drop the ends then it should look something as shown in the image below : 

How to trim a video in iPhone/iPad
Start and End Position of the original video modified
  • Once you modify the start and end of the video then you can save the segment of the original video by tapping on Trim at the top right corner of screen.
  • Tap on Save as New Clip to save the trimmed video. With this option the original video with full length will be retained too and the trimmed will be saved as a new video to the videos Album.
  • You may select Trim Original if you wish to overwrite the original video with trimmed video. 
How to get a Segment of the video in iPhone
Save Trimmed Video

Note :  Trim Original option won’t appear for videos which you haven’t recorded from Camera App in iPhone/iPad.

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With this you have successfully trimmed the video.

How to take a picture while recording video ?

There are some moments in a video where you would like to capture an image but at the same time video should not be interrupted. Camera App of iPhone and iPad allows you to do the same. When you are in Video mode in Camera App and recording a video then there is an extra White button on left side of the main camera button as shown below :

Take pictures without interrupting video in iPhone/iPad
Snap Pictures while recording video

Tap on this button to snap pictures while recording and without interrupting the video.

These were the methods by which you can trim a video in iPhone and iPad. Did you like the feature of taking pictures while recording video and not interrupting the video at the same time ? Do share your thoughts!


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