Turn your Face Into An Emoji With This Exceptional App

I type less, use more Emojis. What about you? There is no denying the fact that emoticons, emojis or smiley make the conversation interesting and help us express ourselves in a much better way. To take it a step further there is the latest app launched by Lightricks.  Ever thought of adding a Emoji on your face or transforming your face into an Emoji? Well, this innovative app makes it possible by turning your face into an Emoji. Here’s how you can make use of this app.Turn your face into an Emoji


Transform your Face Into An Emoji

The latest photo editing app which adds emoji to your face is Memoji and you can get it from iTunes or iOS App Store from the following link.

After the app is installed on your iOS device open it. Allow the app access to your Camera roll.

On the Home screen, there are options to choose a photo from Gallery/Camera Roll or click a picture of your or someone’s face within the app using the Camera icon.

Memoji app

To pick a snap from your Camera roll tap on the gallery icon at the top left corner. The photos from the Camera roll will appear in a list at the top. Select the desired photo which has a face in it.

If the app is able to detect a face in your photo then the app will present a list of Emojis which you can add to your face. There are 11 Emojis currently.

Select the desired one and tap on the plane icon at the top right.

You can save the animation as a GIF, video or a photo. You can either save the animated face with Emoji on your smartphone or directly share on social media, WhatsApp or any other messaging app.

Save Animated Emoji Face to Camera roll

While the app support faces from portraits but you cannot add emojis to dogs, cats or food as of now.

Memoji doesn't support dogs faces
Memoji didn’t detect Peppy’s Face 🙁

The Memoji app is only available for iOS currently and Android users need to wait to get their hands on it.

Have a look at a couple of Emoticons I tried to get the hang of it.

Load photo from Camera roll and turn face into Emoji
From Camera Roll
Transform your face into an Emoji
Clicked within Memoji App

Cool, isn’t it?

You know about the app and you have an internet connection. So, iPhone/iPad users, what are you waiting for? Turn your face into an Emoji and share it with your friends to make them cry of laughter.

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