Track and Find Your Items Like a Pro: TrackR Bravo Review

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Are you gifted with the talent of somehow managing to lose your important items like bike/apartment keys, wallet, smartphone etc?

To be honest it happens to all of us at some point in time. Personally, I have a knack of forgetting my items when I am on a trip. Once I kept my additional bag I was carrying aside to have some snacks and relax at a food stall in New Delhi.

After reaching home(Dehradun) I realized I never picked up my bag full of clothes and my favorite headphones. Erghh, What a shame! If you too have a knack of forgetting and misplacing your stuff then I got good news for you and myself of course.

In this review article, we share an exceptional pocket-sized gadget TrackR Bravo which will help you to track and find items like a pro. So, let’s get the ball rolling.

TrackR Bravo Review

What is TrackR bravo and How does it Work?

TrackR bravo is a small coin sized gadget which can help you to track your items. In order to do that, you will have to clip the TrackR bravo to your stuff you wish to track. After that, using TrackR app(available for Android and iOS) on your smartphone you can easily locate the TrackR device and hence your items.

Amazing, isn’t it?

This was just a basic overview. Now, let us dive into the details now.

TrackR Bravo Package Contents

We received 1 Device pack. It had a TrackR of course, an additional battery, a discount coupon for other TrackR purchase and a guide. Nothing too flashy here.

TrackR Bravo Package Contents

Setup and Adding TrackR in the App

1. To get started, install TrackR app from the respective App stores. The app is available for free.

Android | iOS

Before proceeding ahead, I recommend you to turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone. Also, a working internet connection is necessary to add and pair the TrackR Bravo with the app. And of course turn on the GPS on your smartphone and allow TrackR app access to the location and send push notifications.

2. Now, open the app after it is successfully installed. You should see the following screen.

3. Tap on Add a New Device.

4. There will be multiple gadgets listed as the same app is used for other TrackR products. For now, we are interested in TrackR Bravo so select that.

Add TrackR Bravo in app

5. On the next screen, give the desired name to your device and tap on Next at the bottom right corner. I will name it Keys as I will be tracking my keys for now. You can always rename it later.

6. If Bluetooth is turned on, the app will try to make the connection with the TrackR. Make sure that the TrackR Bravo is near your smartphone at this point in time and press the button(Clear) on the TrackR device.

Pairing TrackR Bravo with the App

7. If everything goes fine, then in a matter of few seconds you should see a pop-up for Pairing Request. Tap on Pair.

With this, TrackR is successfully connected and you can locate it from the app anytime and hence the items you have attached with the TrackR.

Connect TrackR Bravo with app on smartphone

I was not able to connect it the second time around. Forgetting the “tkr” device from the Bluetooth settings and then trying to pair again resolved the issue.

Finally, create an account on TrackR and sign in the app.

TrackR Bravo Features and Settings

1. Ring TrackR/Items

On opening the app after connecting the device you will see the following home screen. It shows the TrackR located on a map and below it is the device name and a speaker icon.

You can tap on the speaker icon to make the TrackR ring.

Ring TrackR from the app

Pretty useful if you forget where you placed your keys or wallet. Or maybe the keys slipped under the couch. Ringing the TrackR will help in finding the items quickly.

2. Separation Alerts

These are simply amazing. There are two types of alerts.

  • Device Separation Alert
  • iPhone/Android Separation Alert

Device Separation Alert – If turned on in Settings, the TrackR will ring automatically if the distance between your phone and TrackR increases. This makes it easier than ever to not forget your valuable items left behind.

iPhone/Android Separation Alert – If this feature is enabled then it will make your phone go off with a notification saying “You have been separated from[Trackr Name]”

Sigh! A life saver for me. Will no longer accidentally leave my wallet at home while heading out.

Separation Alert Notification

To enable/disable separation alerts, tap on 3 dots icon at the top right corner and then tap on gear icon against your device name.

Find and Track Items using TrackR Bravo

Under the Settings screen, you can toggle Device/Phone separation alerts ON/OFF as desired. Tap on Save at the top right of the screen to save the changes made.

Device and Phone Separation Alerts in TrackR Bravo

Important: Separation Alerts won’t work if TrackR app is closed. It has to be kept running in the background.

3. Last Active Time/Location

If your phone and the TrackR Bravo gets far away from each other then you can always see the Last Seen and the last known location on the map.

Last Seen feature of TrackR Bravo

Follow the map to track your items. There is a high probability that the items are there at the last identified location.

4. Other Settings

Under the Item Settings screen, you will have the following options too.

  • TrackR Battery Level
  • Alert Duration – Slide your finger on the slider to increase/decrease the time duration of the alert.
  • Set Custom Alarm Sound – It is possible to choose a song or an audio of your choice as an alarm sound.
  • Under the same screen, you can rename or delete the TrackR device.
  • Select or change the icon for your TrackR shown in the app. Tap on the TrackR icon at the top of the settings screen in order to achieve that.
TrackR Bravo Settings

It is time for Pros and Cons now.


1. Being coin sized TrackR Bravo is highly portable.

2. User-friendly app GUI. You will get the hang of it in one go.


1. The sound of the TrackR alarm is on the lower side. In a crowded area with the high sound, it will be difficult to hear the device sound.

2. The app can be more stable in terms of connecting and pairing the device.

Get Your TrackR Bravo

You can purchase TrackR Bravo from their official website or on Amazon using the buttons below.

TrackR Bravo - Generation 2, Silver (Discontinued by Manufacturer, Generation 3 Now Available)
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Final Thoughts

Well, I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I can see the difference. I am no longer leaving my wallet or keys behind. When I go on a trip, I am definitely going to attach one device to my bag to keep it safe. Without any second thoughts, you can go for TrackR bravo and keep your valuable items safe at all times.

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