Worried about someone spying you on Internet,use Tor Browser

Tor Software helps you defend against threats to your privacy,freedom,business activities and relationships. Most of our communication today happens over Internet in the form of mails, messaging, bank transactions,online shopping and many more. With all the good things there is always a drawback associated and communication over internet too has a drawback or threat associated with it. There is always someone watching your activity on Internet and can use it to his/her benefit. However,there is no need to worry as Tor Browser  prevents anyone from spying  your activity on Internet.Tor Browser is free and open source for Windows,Linux and Mac OS X.

Why is Tor Essential for us

To make myself clear to all readers till now I used a general term ‘spying’ ,in technical terms this is known as Traffic Analysis. Traffic Analysis is a form of  internet surveillance where someone is observing your activity on internet and can come to know about your personal data and communication which is a big threat to all the internet users. Traffic Analysis can reveal who is talking to whom over a public network. It is also a threat to your safety as it can reveal your location.

Traffic Analysis Working

In simple terms the communication which we do on internet consists of 2 parts(Data Packets):one parts contains the data(message,mail,audio,video) known as Data Payload and the other is the Header which contains source,destination,size ,time and other personal information of the communication.Even though Data Payload is encrypted but Traffic Analysis can reveal your information with the help of Header which contains delicate information and can harm you  in a big way.

Anyone can know about you and your communication sitting  between you and recipient by looking at the Headers.

Tor Browser comes to rescue

Tor Browser solves problems which I stated above by making you anonymous on internet.Tor software achieves this by distributing your communication on internet.Think of it like a Relay race where one athlete runs for particular distance and then passes on the baton(stick) to another,in the similar way Tor Browser distributes your message over several places/servers(athletes) on internet.Each server/node carries your information for a particular distance and then passes it on to another server/node(athlete).

Moreover,to create a private pathway for your message Tor doesn’t allows any single server/node(athlete) to know about full path your message will take and only thing each server/node knows is which node/server gave it data and which node/server it will give data to.

Download Tor Browser

If after reading this you now want to defend yourself against the threats on internet then do download Tor Browser for Windows,Mac OS X and Linux by visiting this linkTor Browser Download

Tor Browser is free and available for Windows,Mac OS X and Linux.

I tried to target the larger audience by mentioning about Tor in a very general terms so that it is clear to most of us,however if you want to get more technical details on working of Tor Browser visitTor Project

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