Top 5 Appy Geek Alternatives For Android and iOS

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Appy Geek, one of the best platforms where you could get all the news related to technology in one place. The app allows you to read tech news and gets information from multiple sources in a single place. You just have to carry your smartphone with you, no extra bulk of anything like magazines or newspapers. But as the service is no longer available so, we bring you the best Appy Geek alternatives to fulfill your hunger for tech-related news and updates.

Why Appy Geek Alternatives?

Unfortunately, Appy Geek is discontinued and people are not only sad but also wondering from where they will get the updates from the tech world. It was the most reliable source for reading news on the go for the people who are busy and not able to make time for watching the news or reading newspaper. Now since it is not available, we want people to have its alternatives.

1. News Republic

News Republic - apps like appy geek

News Republic is another app form the owner of Appy Geek. In this app, you will get the latest news from all around the globe at your fingertips. The difference between these 2 apps is that Appy Geek was meant only for tech related news whereas News Republic provides news from all categories. Now, this does not mean that this app is not good for tech lovers.

In the Home section, you can see different topics and news related to them. Go to the Tech tab where all the latest news will be provided regarding technology. Not only that, the feed keeps refreshing from time to time to ensure that you get all the latest crunch. Apart from this, you can Follow from a variety of categories and sources. All the feeds for your selected categories would be shown in the Follow section.

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2. Engadget

Best Appy Geek Alternatives - Engadget

Engadget is among the sources where Appy Geek used to collect its information from and hence one of the best apps like Appy Geek.

Once you open the app it will show you Home screen where you can see the latest, top and most popular news. Next, will be the section FOR YOU. Here you will have to select topics that you are interested in. Once you select the topics you will be able to see all the news and feeds related to the selected topic. You have to keep scrolling to see more news. At last, there is a place for saved articles where the news which you have saved will show. To save any article you just have to tap on the bookmark icon that is with every article.

Beside this, you can set push notifications. You will always be notified if any new article or news is published regarding your topic. You can also set Do Not Disturb where the app will be silenced according to your customized time.

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3. Flipboard

Flipboard - Best Appy Geek alternative

Flipboard is also among one of the best newsstand apps for keeping yourself updated with the current world. This app personalizes the category of news that you want to read. On starting up the app, it will ask you to select for topics that you are passionate about. You can select multiple topics from technology, computer science, apps, gaming and many more. You can even search for any topic you would like to have information about.

Now once you have selected the topics, the app will show you news related to it. In order to go through different articles and news, you just have to keep swiping upwards on the screen. Tap on any article to have a detailed information about it. Flipboard collects news from different sources like magazines and social sites.

You can make your own magazine and invite people to see and share it. It is also possible to collect the stories that you like and save it in your magazine. There’s a possibility to like or comment on any article and share it online with your friends. For this, you have to log in to Flipboard which you can do through email, Google, Facebook or Twitter. You can also save the images from the article to your phone.

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4. Feedly

Feedly - Tech news

This app is very similar to Flipboard, the only difference is the source of news. Just log in using social sites or create a Feedly account via email. Feedly gathers its news from different sources like blogs and news platforms. And the good thing is that you can select from which source you would like to have the news and updates from. For e.g. for news related to technology, they have sources like Digital trends, TechCrunch, The Verge and many more.

It is possible to create personalized categories for organizing different types of news and feeds under Personal Feeds. You just have to select the source and add it to the category that you have created in personal feeds.

In today section you will see the latest news related to your selected topics. Once you read it, you can mark it as read so you won’t have to go through the same news again and again. Apart from this, you can switch themes between dark and light according to your desire. You can Mark any news for later and see it in Read later section.

Moving on, Explore shows you trending news regarding different topics just swipe upwards to explore more. You can share the feed on several social media platforms.

iPhone | Android

5. Google News

Google news

If people want to search for anything they just Google it. So why not use Google for keeping up-to-date with world news and trends. This is a very nice app as you will have local news and apart from it, you can always check the worldwide news. You can search for any topic or news directly from search bar als0.

Google News app has 4 sections for the news update. First is For you where you will be able to see the top 5 stories. Next to that is Headlines. You can see headlines for news from around the world on different topics like technology, entertainment, science etc.

Moving ahead we have Favourites, here all the articles that you have saved for reading later will be shown. You can also see articles from different sources which you can select. The last is the Newsstand where featured and popular sources appear. There are sources like magazines, topics, and the category from which you can select. You can tap the star icon next to the sources to follow them.

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Best Appy Geek Alternatives: Keep Yourself Updated With Tech News From Around The World

Being up to date with the news and technology of the world can be pretty difficult in this busy work life. Appy Geek was one of the best sources for it but since it shut down and not working any more people are looking for other alternatives. Here we have tried to give you the best and easily available apps that will fulfill all the need for Appy Geek. All the apps listed above are free to download. Now, you will never miss a single news update no matter where you are.

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