Top 5 Tech Giants working towards better environment

While technological advancement across the world is being linked with the rapidly increasing carbon footprints, world’s top tech guys have taken a step forward to do their part for the environment. Playing the environmental advocates, these top tech players have made a significant lot to make themselves a part of the global “Going Green” Campaign. Quite obviously, their efforts have attracted spotlight. Here’s a look into what they have done lately.

1) Apple

tech giants working towards better environment - apple

It’s not much longer, when Apple Inc. was allegedly accused of dumping cutting fluid and motor oil in the nearby river. But, in the recent times, Apple Inc is being reckoned by the environmental advocates as one of the leading eco-friendly company that is running 87% of its global operations on renewable energy. Sources said they are also doing their part to save forest and hence they have partnered with Conservation Fund. The company is also taking active part in the Clean Water Program to endorse the idea of water reuse. What’s more! Apple has recently published a report saying that their latest product, iPhone SE emits only 75 kilograms of CO2e.

2) Samsung

tech giants working towards better environment samsung

The company, which was once being indicted with the charge of using an excessive amount of tin in its products is now showing keen interest in various environmental activities. Recently, it has adopted a Life Cycle Assessment method, which actually helps them getting an accurate analysis of the environmental impact during the product development process. Also, the company has taken sincere measures in the process of recycling and recovering of waste electronic products.

3) Google

tech giants working towards better environment - google

The discussion will be incomplete if we missed out Google. Presently Google accounts for 37% of renewable energy for their operations. However, reports say that the company still have negative impact to the environment, though Google is taking serious steps to tackle this issue. They are trying to offset the carbon emission produced by their operations by investing in several projects that significantly reduce the carbon emission at the same time. Quite an innovative approach, no doubt.

4) Microsoft

tech giants working towards better environment -microsoft

After manufacturing so many PCs that actually found way in the dumping landfills with every upgrades, Microsoft has now become totally carbon neutral. Since 2014, they are sourcing 100% of its power from renewable energy.

5) Facebook

tech giants working towards better environment - facebook

And last, but not the least is Facebook, which was in direct clash with the environmentalists for the excessive electricity consumption in the data centres. However, the company is recently taking part in several eco-friendly programs like The Green Grid and Digital Energy Solutions Campaign. It has also initiated the Green on Facebook Initiative. They have also published a report regarding the carbon emission. What’s more! They have lately come up with a new programming language that is intended to cut down the CPU usage by at least 50%.

No wonder, a large number of tech firms are playing their part to be environmentally beneficial. At this stage, when our environment is at stake due to the unprecedented development on the technological front, such attempts will surely win commendable applause.



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