Top 10 iOS 8 Features you might not know

With all the new iOS updates there are many features added to your iPhone. Some features are obvious and everyone knows about them. However, apart from those features there are many other useful features added which are not known by many. This article will share the top 10 iOS 8 features which you are not aware of. iOS new version, iOS 8 added a lot of new features which if known will help you out in many situations/tasks.

Top 10 iOS 8 Features

Below are the key features of iOS 8 : 

1. Request Desktop Site : This a pretty useful and an unknown feature for many iOS 8 users. This feature enables you to get the desktop version of the website on your iPhone. In order to get the desktop version of your desired website, visit the desired website link and tap on the address bar once the mobile version of website loads. Now slide down the on the screen which appears. You will find an option “Request Desktop Site” on top of screen below “Add to Favorites“. Desktop version of website will load on your iPhone with this easy method.

iOS 8 Features
Request Desktop Site


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2. Send Last Location to Apple : This feature if activated will automatically send the location of your iPhone to Apple when the battery is critically low. It will be useful to know the location sent by this feature if you lose your iPhone or forgot it somewhere and now the battery is drained so you cannot find it by giving a ring.

For this you need to have Find My iPhone Application installed on your iPhone. To activate the feature, Select Settings and go to iCloud. Under iCloud select Find My iPhone. Here toggle the Send Last Location to On.

iOS 8 Features
Send Last Location

3. Insert Photos in Notes : This feature is one of most handy feature among iOS 8 new features. With iOS new version iOS 8 you can attach photos to your notes. To add Photos to your note, select the Note in which you want to insert Photo, Long Tap in the editing area of Note, a menu will appear which will have an option to Insert Photo. Tap on Insert Photo and select the desired Photo from your iOS Photos App which opens. You can add multiple Photos to a Note.

iOS 8 Features
Insert Photos in Notes

4. Delete Messages after a certain Time Limit Automatically : How to automatically delete messages in iOS 8 and save Space

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5. View Battery Usage on a per app basis : This iOS 8 feature allows the user to view battery usage by each application separately when iPhone is not charging.  With this  data user can know which application is eating up most of the battery and if it is acceptable for that app to consume that amount of battery. To view battery usage go to Settings and Select General. Under General Settings select Usage and then tap on Battery Usage. This feature is definitely one of the effective features among iOS 8 features.

6. Alert for Messages : If this feature is activated then you will get an alert instead of a banner which appears on top of screen whenever you  get a Message. To activate the alert for Messages go to Settings and select Notifications. Under Notifications select Messages. Here you can select Alert Style to Alerts instead of Banners. Now whenever you will receive a message an alert will pop up as shown below from where you can choose to Reply or Close as you desire.

iOS 8 features
Message Alert

7. Grayscale for User Interface : This iOS 8 feature if activated will convert your iPhone user interface to shades of gray. To activate Grayscale go to Settings, select General and then Accessibility. Under Accessibility Toggle the Grayscale feature to On.

8. Recover Deleted Photos : 

9. Change position of Sharing icons : While sharing a link in Safari a list of Share icons and options appear. Now in iOS new version,iOS 8 you can rearrange those Share icons and other options according to your use by long tap on the icon or option and moving and dropping it wherever you may like.

iOS 8 Features
Arrange Sharing icons and options

10. Hey Siri :  With iOS 8 there are enhancements added to Siri. One of them is Hey Siri wherein you can speak to Siri without pressing the Home button by saying Hey Siri. However, this will only work when your iPhone is connected to power.

To activate Hey Siri go to Settings, select General and then Siri. Under Siri Toggle Allow Hey Siri to On.

One more boost was given to power of what Siri could do. With iOS 8, Siri can recognize songs. For this you just need to ask “Which song is playing“. 

These were the top 10 iOS 8 Features which you might not be familiar with. Let us know which feature is your favorite and also share if you know more features apart from those shared. 


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