Top 10 Examples of Worst Websites Ever Designed

Let’s learn from mistakes of others and check few examples of the worst websites ever designed. They have some lessons to share about how not to do. So let’s see.

Worst Websites ever designed

You can be ambitious about your project, your idea can be truly helpful for the people. But what does it all mean if your website’s design is so terribly made that there is no desire to discover what it has to give? A person will hardly have the inspiration to open it one more time. That is why web design matters, that is why such companies as Agentestudio are becoming more and more popular and required in the business world.

Now we need to stay clear here, obviously bad web design is not influencing the quality of your idea, however, the implementation of your idea into reality is the turning point of your future success or failure for that matter.

Top 10 Examples of poorly designed websites

#1 – Lingscars

Here is all about old school design. It is one specific type among all the types of the worst web design which you will recognize out of a million. All the bright flashy letters, horrible quality pictures, ridiculous colors. Such design was a hit of the 00’s and sadly it is still wandering around the net. It’s painful plain and extremely distasteful.

#2 – Gatesnfences

Another common mistake is not to make it clear what is the website about. It is not so dreadful to watch as in the previous example, however, such an excuse is more a relief for the users than for the owners. It is a classic sign of a poor web design when you cannot make a clear statement why it exists at the first place.

#3 – Jamilin

On the other hand, sometimes people can go way too far and just attack their users with a ton of information they definitely were not willing to see. For instance, when there is no straight order on the menu but instead you are offered everything and at once. The front page is your navigation, menu, placement of the main content. It’s very confusing and puzzling. Now we are afraid to click one extra button in order to prevent another content attack.

#4 – Arngren

Having way too much going on. Here is one more variation of the mistake from the example above. As we can see here the web designers just decided to put everything on one page. Let’s even not get into details such as the absence of the menu or any version of the navigation in general, no band representation or any identification marks. You won’t find them anyway, considering the mess and the time it takes to upload all of that.

#5 – Suzannecollinsbooks

Keep missing good opportunities. The space of your website is also should be used efficiently. Therefore, there is no need to put big letters, tempting pictures, etc., when you have no intention to turn them into a link, that will lead a user into something he or she accepted to see by clicking. Don’t leave them disappointed. Use all the opportunities to transform elements of the design into advanced features.

#6 – Wholesalemeatscoventry

Not making the website’s interface mobile friendly. In the era when most of the things are done with the help of our smartphones, not having a proper app design is an anchor that will pull your business down. If there is a menu that not appropriate for the mobile view, it is hard to find and to tap, or if some features of the website are simply absent, or the website is not fitting the screens – all that looks frustrating and kind of ridiculous in our time.

#7 – 007museum

Making a website’s design that has no connections to the content. No doubts a well-designed website is what it takes to say that you have a great foundation for your future in the net. However, there can be some confusions between how the website looks and what it is designed for. If you need it for serious purposes, don’t make the design too cheerful. Know the audience you are aiming to impress. Inconsistency between the web design and its fulfillment will only confuse users.

#8 – Paulgraham

Losing the logo representation at the front page. Now we have already talked about the mistake where developers fail to show what the website was designed for. Here is a related mistake which can cost you no less than one before. Even if the users visited your website and they liked its design and the content. What’s next, if they haven’t noticed, remembered or found the logo of this website?

#9 – Irishwrecksonline

Now, there is nothing wrong in attempts to stay out among other websites. Not following the common design trends, searching for uniqueness can be good, however, there is a line where its search turning into a run away from common sense. The website still has to have its own structure and be at least a little predictable. Don’t make everything that random otherwise the users will get confused and angry. They will simply not understand what to do with your page but to close it.

#10 – Pennyjuice

To sum up, there are some general remarks about bad web design. These are not such types of mistakes that immediately put you at the rate of worst web design ever. Although, they are still able to ruin the first impression for your new users and lower your competitive spirit. For instance, such minor things as a wrong scale can do big harm, no one likes to change their settings. Or such mistakes as using nonmatching colors, which immediately cause an unpleasant feeling that you are not welcomed. Same with putting too many ads or putting it in wrong places. It’s better to avoid all these common mistakes.

How to avoid bad user interface design

There were good ten reasons of why the truly professional UX Design Services are so important. Such services are crucial if you want to release a good quality product to the market. When you are looking for the best design solutions for your future projects you look for:

  1. The UX strategy that fits your business idea. It is important to build a clear understanding of what you are representing with this website, what it’s the main goal and what is the best way to achieve it.
  2. The quality that based on the experience of the developers along with the set of regulations and requirements that should be included in the work.
  3. Simplicity that concludes in a user-friendly interface. In general, it all comes to an easy navigation, centralizing the work on essential features.
  4. The uniqueness of the UI design. Your website should tell to everyone that it is yours. It should show what you have in the best way. Your web designers should show.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, it was a useful experience of checking out the most horrible websites’ design out there on the Internet. Those are great examples of how not to do and they might serve for good for those who are about to start their own website.

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