Too many attempts, unlock Windows Phone

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If your Windows phone lock screen timed-out and showing the message like “Please try again in 503575 minutes”, so here is what you can do to unlock windows phone. This happens when you have tried maximum number of attempts to unlock the phone. But instead of showing “Please try again in 1 minute” it shows too many minutes to unlock windows phone. This is a bug which Microsoft hasn’t resolved yet.

Follow the different methods to resolve the issue

Try the soft reset to unlock Windows Phone

A soft reset might get your work done. To do the soft reset press Volume down + power button, keep it pressed until your phone vibrates. If soft reset did not fix the problem, then follow the next method.


Try with SIM Card to unlock Windows Phone

Switch off your Windows phone. Take out your SIM card and re-insert it. With this the phone will update its current time and and will ask you to enter the password. This trick has given positive results with many windows phone having same issue. If this method also did’t worked for you then you don’t have any other option apart from factory reset.

Go with Factory reset to unlock Windows Phone

If the above methods didn’t worked for you then you have to go with the factory reset for your Windows phone. The problem with the factory reset is that all the data stored in the phone’s internal memory will get erased. Here is how you can do factory reset:

  • Press the volume down + power button. Keep it pressed until your Windows phone vibrates.
  • As soon as the phone vibrates, immediately press the Volume down key until you see the exclamation mark on your phone screen.
  • As you can see the exclamation mark on your screen, now you have to press the buttons in the following order to do the factory reset: Volume up, volume down, power, volume down.

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You will see two gears appearing on your Windows phone screen. It will take couple of minutes to do factory reset on your Windows Phone.

Through these methods you can unlock Windows Phone if your phone gets locked by too many attempts. Please let us know via comments which method helped you.

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  1. Waoh…worked for me…i’m so grateful and won’t mind sharing this with anybody who’s got same issue as mine. Thanks once again. VERY GRATEFUL


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