Tips to Boost Android Phone Battery Life

Last Updated: May 2, 2016

The Android phones are coming with huge amount of battery life (generally around 3000 mAh), but people still face the problem of Android phone’s battery backup. There could be many reasons why your Android phone is not giving good battery backup. You can boost Android phone battery life by following the below tips.

9 Tips to Boost Android Phone Battery Life

Uninstall Unnecessary widgets

The widgets on the screen of your Android phone drains your Android phone’s battery and reduce its life span. The widgets that uses the internet like services and are unnecessary to you, simply remove them as they consumes a huge amount of battery to fetch data from internet and show it on a widget.

Avoid Live Wallpaper

Android Live Wallpaper drains your Android device battery a lot. The animations and the graphics of live wallpapers consumes the RAM and CPU resources and so consumes the battery also. Try to use dark wallpapers as it consumes less battery.

Disable Ok Google Option 

Every feature has some pros and cons. One such feature is “Ok Google”,  Ok Google is direct competitor of Apple Siri and Amazon Echo. Common problem with this feature is it runs non-­stop in background to work better but it affects battery life heavily. If you don’t want Ok Google ­​always listening​ feature then better turn it off. To disable always  listening feature, open Google Setting on your Android device then navigate to Search & Now -> Voice-> “Ok Google” detection and turn off “From the Google app” and “From any screen” options.  

Turn Off Unnecessary Services

Turn Off Wifi or GPS once you have used it because it keep looking for the Wifi signals to show you the WiFi network and GPS location keep fetching the data thus wastage of resources and Android phone battery also.

Turn Off Automatic Brightness

The Automatic brightness feature uses the sensors of your Android Phone. If you have kept it on then the sensors will keep looking for the surrounding brightness and accordingly adjust the phone’s brightness, it consumes lots of battery as the sensor has to be always active.

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Update the Apps

Whenever you get the notification for the Apps update, keep updating them. An update of the apps generally comes to use less battery power as updates come with improvements.

Charge your Android Phone properly

Always remember to charge your phone when the battery has dropped down to 10% or 5%. Never charge in between like when the battery is left 40% or so. Once you have plugged in for  charging, don’t unplug in between let it get completely charged to 100%.

Overnight Charging

 Never charge your phone for overnight, it will drop the battery consumption power and reduces the battery life span.

Get a Power Bank

After following the above tips to boost the Android phone battery, if your Android phone doesn’t improve on the battery life or if you use your Android phone a lot like playing games or internet or chatting, then better get a power bank so that you can charge your Android phone anytime anywhere.

TIP:  Never answer a call while the battery of your Android phone is at very low level because it emits huge amounts of radiations that affects the brain.

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Follow the above tips to boost Android phone battery life and you will definitely see the improvement in the battery backup of your Android phone.


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