Things to look for when buying a Smartphone

Today at TechUntold we are sharing the important factors to be looked into before buying a Smartphone. User only looks at the design, processor and storage when looking for a Smartphone. Here are the deep down 5 things to look for when buying a Smartphone.

5 Things to look for when buying a Smartphone


This is one of the most important factor to be looked into before buying a smartphone. PPI is the pixel density of a smartphone, also know as pixel per inch (PPI).  PPI defines the clarity and sharpness of a Smartphone screen, more the PPI value better will be the clarity.

Screens having  less than 200ppi: lower resolution

Between 200 to 300ppi: average resolution

More than 300ppi: High resolution

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The processor comes on top most priority when looking for a Smartphone. Now the processors are coming with multiple cores like dual-core (2 cores), quad-core (4 cores) and even octa-core (8 cores) smartphones are coming. So more the number of cores, faster your Smartphone will be.

Giga Hertz is the unit in which processor is measured. The more gigahertz of processor a Smartphone will have, the better it will perform and less chances of getting slow or hang.


Yet another important factor to be considered before buying a Smartphone is the “Graphics Proccessor”. The user generally looks for the main processor and neglects the Graphics Processor configuration.

Graphics Processors are used to handle the graphics of your Smartphone separately so that main processor will have less burden. It is mainly used for gaming, HD graphics display and other graphics related tasks.


Generally there are two types of batteries coming on Smartphones, one is the Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) batteries and another one is Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries.  Li-Poly are new in the market and are Ultra-Light weight and do not have a memory effect issue, whereas Li-Ion batteries have a memory effect and gets damaged by overcharging. You should always look for the Smartphones that have somewhere around 3000mAh of battery for good battery backup.


There are two types of storage, one is the RAM and the other one is the internal memory. Internal memory is used to keep the user data like songs, apps, docs, etc. RAM is an important factor here. RAM is a resource that helps Smartphone processor to perform better, more the size of RAM better will be the performance.

Generally the size of RAM that are coming on high end Smartphones are 3 to 4GB. So it’s recommended to buy a Smartphone which has more RAM size.

Hope the above article on 5 things to look for when buying a Smartphone gave you detailed information. However, you can leave queries if you want more info or have any confusion.

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