Meet The Independent Pharmacy For Online Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most essential parts of our lives nowadays. But being busy with our daily lives makes it a little hard for us to manage to go to the doctors or visit the pharmacist to get the medications we require. To solve these problems the UK based online pharmacy has come forward. The Independent Pharmacy lets you buy medicines and even get advice from their doctors online. Yes, you read it correctly, all of the health care facilities online. So let’s see what all The Independent Pharmacy is about and how does it help people.

The Independent Pharmacy: Healthcare And Medications At Your Doorstep

The Independent Pharmacy was found by Scott McDougall and Andy Boyson which is based in Bristol, UK. They both are experienced pharmacists who have worked in many pharmacy industries with a lot of knowledge. With the increase of internet usage both of them wanted to create a pharmacy service which was up to date with today’s technologies.

Creating an online pharmacy that will provide all the healthcare needs and assistance right from your smartphones, no matter where you are was a really great opportunity for both the company and the users. The Independent Pharmacy has a team of experienced pharmacists, chemists, and doctors. They are present to provide all the assistance you require for your medications and other health care needs. Here you can get more than 480 kinds of medicines and get advice and treatments for various kinds of medical conditions.

It will also provide you with the knowledge of any condition, its symptoms, and the medicines that you can buy for it. And all these services will be online, that means no need for setting appointments with your doctors or pharmacist and waiting for a proper diagnosis. Just look up the conditions or medicines and order them to your desired address. Great right?

How The Independent Pharmacy Works?

Now to order your medicines or for having advice for any medical conditions you will have to follow a few steps. These steps are mandatory and you should answer the questions honestly.

  • Pick A Treatment: Firstly, you will need to select the medicines or the treatment that you want to get from The Independent Pharmacy.conditions and treatmentsthe independent pharmacy - select medicine
  • Fill a Questionaire: After you select a treatment, it will ask you to fill the questionnaire. This questionnaire consists of various questions related to the conditions of medicine usage.questionnairecheckout - the independent pharmacyindependent pharmacy - checkout
  • Review: Once you submit the questionnaire with all the details and information that is required then an expert analyses them. It is to make sure you get the proper treatment that you really require.
  • Once your questionnaire is reviewed, the experts will provide you with the right treatment and medication that is proper and safe for you. Then you just have to place the order. And the medicines will reach you within the next day or as soon as possible directly to your desired address.

Their website is intuitive and all the sections organized in a neat way. This makes it pretty easy to use and you’ll have no issues whatsoever.

Treatment And Services

Here you can find medicines, advice, and treatments for various kinds of medical conditions. You can easily search for the condition or treatment that you require. Whether it’s any common condition of Acne, Migraine, Headache etc. They can help you with that and other 60 medical conditions. You don’t even have to visit them for the prescribed medicines as the trusted doctors help you do that with the questionnaire you filled.


The service of The Independent Pharmacy is also great. You can access it from any platform whether smartphones or PC on your web browsers. It is possible to contact their team at any time via calls or emails as per your preference. And the best thing, all these services are discreet. That means you can talk to them freely about your medical conditions without the fear of anyone knowing it. They even deliver the package in a plain box without any labeling.

Should You Trust The Independent Pharmacy?

The Independent Pharmacy is regulated by General Pharmaceutical Councils(GPhC), Medicines And Health Product Regulating Authority(MHRA) and Care Quality Commission(CQC). All this to make sure that good quality services and treatments are provided to the users.

The Independent Pharmacy is registered with the National Pharmaceuticals Association(NPA) and has got its license from National Health Sevice(NHS) for running the online pharmacy. With all these regulations they are esteemed in providing the cheapest, safest and best health care service to the people right where they are.


The Independent Pharmacy is really a great initiative to save time and money. They also have positive customer reviews and is trusted by many people in the UK. So if you are looking to buy medicines or get advice regarding your medical conditions then The Independent Pharmacy can surely provide you great healthcare assistance. Check them at


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