Tesla’s Model 3: Are the Electric Vehicles soon to become Mainstream?

How would you think about the electric cars if they are meant to grab the lead market shares in the next few years? Is it too good to be true? Don’t you think that the increased pace of the technological advancement can make it happen any day? Well, the fact is, electric cars are soon to be mainstream and a slew of manufacturers are already making preparation for that.

As of now, the only manufacturer that has already unveiled their latest model is Tesla. It’s much-anticipated model 3 is soon to hit the market. According to Tesla, these range of cars are going to be quite affordable so that people of middle income groups can afford it. With a rapidly increasing transportation costs these days, the need for sustainable transport has become more important than ever.

tesla model 3

However, Tesla’s Model 3 is more than just an affordable car. According to Mr. Musk, their new model of electric car features refined technology that will surely transform the way motor industry used to think so far. While their earlier models have won rave reviews from the users and the drivers alike, Mr. Musk think that the new car will surely improve the attitude of the industry towards the electric cars.

Referring to their current loss, Mr. Musk said that it is indeed quite huge and even after doubling up the sales in 2015, the loss incurred so far could not be compensated. However, by introducing the latest model of electric cars, Tesla is already a step ahead than the competitors. And, it will also be beneficial in coping up with the current loss of the company.

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However, the question is whether Tesla’s gigantic effort in making sustainable electric cars will actually translate into something moneymaking? Probably the long serpentine queue outside Tesla’s showroom is a good sign in this connection. In fact, Mr. Musk has said that the number of preorders for Model 3 is much higher than the previous ones and this time, a significant number of average income group are in the list. But, still there are concerns looming the mass adoption of the car due to the car’s difficult charging infrastructure. Also, the on-road costing of the electric cars will be higher. May be, the cost of the car itself will be dramatically reduced from the ones run on petrol, but the maintenance charge will be a significant problem.

For the motor industry analyst Jay Nagley, Tesla’s Model 3 is a tipping point for the electric vehicles and this time, the progress will be much steadier than before. Chances are, in the next few years, electric cars will become a must-have in ever household.


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